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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Charly Cantor

Lee Balkemore/Lix
Adrian Rawlings/Carl
Phil Cornwell/Doug
Nicolas Harvey/Jack
8 10
Young, beautiful Lix (Blakemore) is not your average girl. She’s the result of an experiment that brought on an un-desired effect. Lix’s blood is a drug. It makes you high and dependant…turns you into a blood junkie. Her blood is very popular on the black market and her life has mostly been about being locked up, gagged and milked like a blood cow to please the junkies. That’s until Carl (Rawlings) saves her from her current prison and brings her back to his home. Carl was one of the scientists responsible for Lix’s condition so he feels somewhat responsible. Lix is now faced with another kind of existence, a normal one, living with Carl, his wife and his son. All his well until Carl gives in to his attraction to Lix and tastes her blood. That triggers a whole chain of events that goes from bad to worse to very bloody...
A powerful film that covers it all. The “American Beauty” of horror. It tackles heavy issues such as addiction, emotional and physical dependency, the fall of suburban life, the importance of family and the length a junkie would go to get his fix. It’s also a complicated love story that swims in bloody sex and strong obsession..

I have to applaud Cantor for taking an unlikely plot line and making it extremely credible on screen. Not only does he manage to make all this plausible, he also manages to make us laugh, cringe, cry, arouse us and gross us out.

The film is very grounded and the actors should all get a pat on the back for a job excellently done. The “acting” highlight for me were the scenes with Carl’s son Jake (Harvey). Jake brings much needed humor to the film and the audience I saw this with also shared in my love for the kid. He’s great! Add to that a foot tapping soundtrack, engaging characters, a little murder, beautiful lighting and hip style and you get a film that’s definitely 10 cuts above the rest.

My only complaint about this feature is the running time. At 130 minutes the film outstays it’s welcome for 20 minutes and becomes somewhat redundant. But on a whole this is most definitely an original creation that’s worth more than just a look. Horror movies can make great metaphors. Drink this....
Blood stained sheets. This film mixes sex and blood drinking. It doesn’t shy away from nudity or rough, realistic gore. The red thang made me cringe sometimes…and I don’t cringe. If seeing two people having sex while one is drinking the others blood off a deep neck wound appeals to you…this is your bag.
Lee Blakemore (Lix) gives a vulnerable, innocent, enigmatic, sensual show. She kinda looks like Winona Ryder and impressed the daylights out of me. Adrian Rawlings (Carl) also does great, giving us a multi layered character that never ceases to surprise us. Rock solid acting. The side players Phil Cornwell (Doug), Nicolas Harvey (Jake) and Elisabeth Marmur (Heather) all lend incredible support to the two leads. The chemistry between all is very strong. The characters are all engaging.
T & A
Extensive nudity that will arouse and disgust you (they’re drenched in blood). Lee Blakemore shows most of it and Adrian Rawlins shows all of it…yes the ladies get they’re “Ding Dong” shot…enjoy.
Is Cantor the “Danny Boyle” of horror? This film points to that conclusion. Filled with slick style, crazy lighting, extreme close ups and raw energy, this film looks wonderful! I loved the extreme close up shots, where you don’t know what you’re seeing until the camera pulls back and shows you. The director also uses sound very effectively (the man tapping his fingers at the beginning) and fills this picture with awesome and sometime gruesome imagery.
An energetic score with lots of “industrial rock” songs and a great use of the tune “Blue Monday” by Orgy.
An erotic, energetic, fascinating, funny, horrifying piece of horror cinema. A deep look at addiction and the complexity of human inter-relations. Well written, solid performances and the amount of blood this film has puts the “Red Cross” to shame. It lags a bit towards the end but this film will still blow your mind. Intelligent horror still exists…Blood is the proof.
English director Cantor runs \"Loud House\" prod. which produces high profile independent features.