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Bride of Chucky(1998)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Ronny Yu

Jennifer Tilly/Tiffany
Brad Dourif/Chucky
Katherine Heigl/Jade
Nick Stabile/Jessee
8 10
Chucky (Dourif) is brought back to life by his ex (pre death)-girlfriend (Tilly). But Chucky is far from the perfect boy toy and he winds up killing her in fit of rage. He transfers her soul inside a doll and the \"Good Guy\" gets a playmate. The two dolls hitch a ride with lovers on the lamb Jade (Heigl) and Jesse (Stabile) to get to a cemetery in Jersey. There the two love dolls will be able to get out of their toy bodies and possess our two \"human\" lovers.
Chucky is back with a new look, a new girl and a new agenda. The whole \"Andy\" plot was getting old and Don Mancini (who wrote the first 3) breathes new life in the franchise taking a whole new direction. Match that with the \"Hong Kong\" directing finesse of Ronny Yu and you get a sequel that not only re invents the series but stands firmly on it’s own two feet.

This gory little ditty has a mean edge, great humor, action, explosions, a great doll battle and stylish murder sequences. The film has nods to many horror greats: Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, The Omen, Bride Of Frankenstein, Pin Head (hilarious) and drug fiend Christian Slater. Its tongue in cheek approach doesn’t sacrifice the spills and thrills in the process. The humor and the horror are perfectly balanced.

The bantering between the two dolls cracked me up, Alexis Arquette makes a side splitting gothic appearance, the acting by the \"teens\" is dead on, and Child’s Play even goes PC by slapping in a gay character and killing off \"John Ritter\"…that’s always good.

Of course amidst all this campy fun, Chucky is definitely not scary anymore (but he’s still a mean mother F) and the suspense is almost non-existent. Compare the vibe of Part 1 with this one’s…they’re polar opposite. I would call this flick a horror comedy. You wanna see old Chuck smoke some weed, get laid or fly through a car window in slow motion? If yes, this one will make your day. Hop on this pint size road trip with me…
A bundle. This is the reddest \"Child’s Play\" yet. John Ritter getting a nail ridden face-lift and my favs being the \"mirror\" murder and a messy \"Mack\" truck incident…SPLAT!!!
Jennifer Tilly (Tif) plays naive and sexy again…nothing wrong with that…she’s great at it. Brad Dourif’s Chucky voice will delight \"Good Guy\" fans again. Katherine Heigl (Jade) gives a very solid show and should strongly consider going on a date with The Arrow. Nick Stabile (Jessee) also does good, his chemistry with Heigl works and chicks will dig his 6-pack. John Ritter (Warren) plays an evil \"Jack Tripper\" and dies a great death.
T & A
Jennifer Tilly in tight tops and short skirts can only mean good news. Nick Stabile takes off his shirt and the girls will appreciate. We also get a doll butt shot.
Hong Kong Chucky. Slow motion, bluish lighting, slick camera angles, this is a different look for a Child’s Play film. It’s energetic, tight and beautiful to look at.
Some hard pumping \"Rob Zombie\" (Living Dead Girl) and other raw rock tunes.
This film re-launches the series. It’s witty, violent and looks great. They could’ve called this film: Chucky And His Beeyatch Go On A Road Trip. Chucky has way more interaction with the elements around him. In this film he blows up a car, shoots at cops and this time he’s not alone. With his doll broad at his side, Chucky is all man and ready to kill the world. Chucky’s back…who’s not happy?
Don Mancini is writing and directing the next installment: Seed Of Chucky.