Bride of Chucky

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Director: Ronny Yu
Writer: Don Mancini
Producers: Paul Gertz, Grace Gilroy
Jennifer Tilly
Brad Dourif
Chucky the killer doll is resurrected by his buxom ex-girlfriend Meg because she believes that the spirit within Chucky, her real ex-boyfriend mass murderer Charles Lee Ray, will come back to life and marry her. Unfortunately for her, Chucky the wonder-knife has other plans, and decides to bring her along as his rubber doll companion. The slashing duo’s plan is to retrieve an amulet that will allow their spirits to rejoin physical human vehicles. Murder, mayhem and all-around gruesomeness ensues.
Entertaining, funny, campy sequel scores points for originality, humour, great murder scenes, and the ever-loveable personality of Chucky the psycho-doll! As sexist and rude as ever, Chucky steals every scene in which he makes an appearance, with his beautifully psychotic smile, and the addition of a handful of new murders to his rap sheet. Just as cool is his sidekick Tiffany (with a splash of romance and sensitivity tossed in), who actually manages to give white trash a good name! The slick animatronics, the hip dialogue, the myriad of in-jokes paying homage to other horror film contemporaries make this movie very enjoyable, while allowing your brain to take the evening off for drinks and a rest. Not to mention the wonderful performance set forth by Jennifer’s Tilly’s breasts who do a superb job of blending the character of the film with the essence of her character. Her cans have done wonders before, but this wonderful performance by her boobs is one to truly cherish and consider “for your consideration”. Her rack is sizeable, luscious, delectable and plump in almost every scene, and manages to portray every range of emotion from gregarity and jolliness to melancholy and surprise. Her cleavage also makes an excellent showing, and I’m not afraid to say this, almost brought me to tears in one particular scene.

Having said that, the no-name-big-breasted-standard-horror-film-girlfriend was quite a disappointment in my esteem, as was the washboard-stomach-cardboard-cutout-boyfriend, who looked like a 32-year old attempting to play a teenager (Perfectly cast for “Beverly Hills 90210”). The soundtrack was also extremely lame for a movie of its revived genre, but the few Rob Zombie songs did manage to soothe my musical hunger just a tad. All in all, this film is a good time at the movie theatre for all those who want to see a movie about an evil rubber doll who spews crude and foul remarks, the girl doll that loves him, and the party of bloody bodies that get in their way. Warm up the nachos, ice the Coke, take off your underwear, and prepare to have yourself a brainless, good ol’ time at the horror show!!!

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

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