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Dark was the Night(2015)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jack Heller

Kevin Durand/Paul
Lukas Haas/Donny
Bianca Kajlich/Suasan
4 10
A small town gets plagued by mysterious occurrences and it’s up to Sheriff Shields (Kevin Durand) and his men to figure out the f*ck is going on.

I’m pretty sure that DARK WAS THE NIGHT (WATCH IT HERE) was Canuck actor Kevin Durand’s first actual leading man part. Looking back, he’s always been part of an ensemble or played a secondary role (like the villain). Personally he’ll always be “Tree” from one of my favorite hockey movies of all time “MYSTERY ALASKA”; I'm grateful to him for that endearing role... but I digress. Him in the lead was one of the key selling points in terms of me checking out DARK WAS THE NIGHT; that and the fact that I had no idea what the film was about; which is always exciting in my book, specially in this day and age of “lets ruin it all online”. So how did Durand fare? He owned it; alas, the film, no so much…

It’s a shame that DARK WAS THE NIGHT went the way it went, because for the first half hour or so, it had me in its grasp. The odd happenings at hand (like the weird footprints or the animals disappearances) had me scratching my head, curious as to what the bleep was going on. The cold and grim look of the picture appealed to me as well; we got some slick shots early on that’s for sure (bummer the flick toned down its visual amibition down the road)! Moreover, our two lead characters were likeable and engaging to watch on screen! Kevin Durand exuded presence and depht as the cop carrying a huge bag of GUILT on his shoulders while Lukas Haas surprised me as the New York cop (solid NY accent BTW) that moved to the small town for a bit of peace and quiet (that didn’t work out). Even the kid actor here (a bang on Ethan Khusidman) was likeable! Now that I think of it, the dramatic content of the film was wayyyyyy more potent than its try at horror.  I felt for wounded Durand and his conflicted woman (ably played by hottie Bianca Kajlich) and I cared about them and their plight. Solid acting will do that to ya! But even with those positive nades blowing about, the flick let me down and here’s why!

My problem with DARK WAS THE NIGHT was that past the set-up right until its last 15 minutes; nothing really happened! The film was akin to walking in the mud - slow, laborious and heading towards its end game VERY SLOWLY. The same information was related my way over and over again (we get it, the footprints are odd, lets move the f*ck on already), people kept whispering in ominous tone to the point that it became laughable (this flick wins the Low Talker of the Year Award hands down) and worse of all people kept yapping about what they were going to do as opposed to just f*cking doing it already "Shia Lebeouf" style! There's a monster out there guys - CLAM IT and GET TO WORK! What about the action you may ask? Well we didn’t get much of it and when we did I can’t say that it did much for me in terms of impact, frights or execution.

For example; there was one scene having to do with hunters in the woods that looked like it was shot in 10 minutes and as an after thought to fill in the clock time or/and spruce up the yap-yap heavy happenings. Talk about unexciting and throwaway. Finally lots of the supporting actors were so-so, the bluish filter that was slapped on the imagery started giving me a headache after a while, the CGI was uneven to say the least (should have kept that creature in the shadows yo) and the musical score had a tendency to be overused (silence is okay now and again guys, take note) and it didn't truly support the visuals. It was there to fill space.

NOTE: Can somebody explain to me what was up with that scene with the two guys who looked and were dressed identical in the same scene but never showed together in a master shot? That bit baffled me as to WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY TRYING TO COMMUNICATE with that jive? Made no sense to me. Then again, I'm a moron. END OF NOTE.

So all in all, it pains me to say that DARK WAS THE NIGHT aka LETS MUMBLE AND DO NOTHING was a chore to sit through, even with solid actors Kevin Durand and Lukas Haas at the helm! They deserved to be a in a better movie. But hey, like I always say, it’s just my opinion, who knows you may think it’s the best thing since uncut cocaine! Snort it HERE and let me know what you think!

Dead cattle.
T & A
Ummm... dead cattle!
DARK WAS THE NIGHT had an interesting set-up, a solid lead cast and some poignant drama; too bad it was guilty of the worse movie sin of all - being a crushing BORE. The flick kept on dragging and dragging, pimped out too much whispering, it relegated the same information over and over again, had no scares, dodgy CGI, sad-sack action and a pace that would put a snail to sleep! I was rooting for this one going in; but alas it didn’t drop its top or swallow hence BAD LAY.
Jack Heller also directed Enter Nowhere (2011) with Scott Eastwood and Sara Paxton.

Kevin Durand was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in 1974.