DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates: November & December 2015!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

How the hell did this happen? October can’t already be over, can it? Sheesh. Well, guess that means we’re moving into the holiday gift-giving season, hence it’s time to update our GENRE DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section! November will be bringing such beauts as the gritty revenge thriller  SOME KIND OF HATE, a double feature of  TROLL and TROLL 2 (you know you’re dying for that) and the spooky classic GHOST STORY. Then December rolls in like a bat outta hell bringing with it a nifty limited edition Walking Dead Season 5 set, the entertaining horror-comedy COOTIES and the killer horror western BONE TOMAHAWK! Bundle up, it’s gettin’ chilly in here!

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Source: Arrow in the Head

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