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Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare(1991)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Rachel Talahay

Lisa Zane/Maggie
Shon Greenblatt/John Doe
Lezlie Deane/Tracy
Breckin Meyer/Spencer
4 10
Freddy (Englund) returns for the last time (yeah, right!) to cause more dream damage, this time using the last "Springwood" teen to bring him his meat. Freddy is also on the prowl for his offspring?!?
Considering that Rachel Talahay was production manager on the first 2 Elm Street flicks and producer on 3-4 you would think she’d know a thing or two about what makes our favorite dream killer tick…WRONG!!! WRONG!!! WRONG!!! The second I saw Freddy riding a broomstick, cackling like a witch I knew it was over. This film is an embarrassment. How did a powerful supernatural killer become such a farce is beyond me. This flick embraces the jokey aspect of past Elm Streets and cranks it up to a new level. Freddy is no longer respectable, everybody gives him a beating, he does cartwheels and becomes a self-parody. In the past three films I learned to appreciate the one-liners on a certain level. But this film makes a mockery of Freddy.

The flick also re-invents the Elm Street story and rules. Freddy’s return in dreams is no longer revenge for his murder but also revenge for his child (what???) being taken away from him. What the hell is that all about? Someone slipped an acid in my beer? Here Freddy uses the dreams of the last Springwood teen to get to other kids. How can that be? What the hell was that whole Alice thing for in part 4-5? This film doesn’t respect anything. It doesn’t respect the original storyline, doesn’t respect the past sequels and doesn’t respect the fans.

Did we really need to know how Freddy got his power? That whole dream demon thing is way tacky. Showing stuff from Freddy’s past (Freddy as a kid, Freddy as teen) is a good idea but did it need to be treated in such a cartoonish way? Having Freddy being defeated in the real world is also groovy but did they really have to defeat him with ninja stars and pipe bombs?

If Talahay was aiming for a comedy, she’s dead on. The violence, the dreams are all very "Loony Tunes" vibe, I felt like I was watching a Road Runner episode. And what the f--k is Roseanne and Tom Arnold doing in this movie? Why didn’t you get Gary Coleman too Talahay or maybe have the ghost of Dana Plato to defeat Freddy. Isn’t this Nightmare On Elm Street 6?

I will admit that some of the visuals are kool. The house falling through the sky, the bus that materializes on the road, the trip out scene with Spencer, Carlos’s very funny demise, even the "Nintendo" game murder is amusing. But I was looking for a lot more than "amusing"! I was looking for a decent ending to one of the screens most revered stalker. I didn’t get it, not even close. At least I got a fun Johnny Depp cameo…
The highlight is Carlos’s death sequence. Nice exploding head.
Lisa Zane (Maggie) is on and off, much like brother Billy Zane’s career. Shon Greenblatt (John Doe) is ok, nothing more. Lezlie Dean (Tracy) plays the more despicable teen to ever grace Elm Street, I just wanted to slap her. Ricky Dean Logan (Carlos) is very likeable. Breckin Meyer (Spencer) rocks the house, where the weed at yo? Yaphet Kotto (the dream expert…whatever) is lost here, he just doesn’t fit in.
T & A
Freddy’s bald head.
Very straight forward with tiny hints of style here and there. Some nice sets but overall I was NOT impressed.
Lousy rock songs sang by a bunch of no-name bands.
Yes, some of the murder sequences are amusing but on a pre teen level. This is supposed to be horror. Discarding all the past sequels was a bad idea, I would have preferred to have seen a sequel continuing The Dream Child storyline. Here Freddy is flushed down the toilet along with his freaking "Power Glove"…bye bye Freddy, sorry your demise was a total joke.
Alice Cooper has a cameo as Freddy’s adoptive dad.

Wes Craven took it upon himself to give Freddy a proper burial with Wes Craven’s New Nightmare…THANK GOD!!!