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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Christopher Nolan

Matthew McConaughey/Cooper
Anne Hathaway/Brand
Wes Bentley/Doyle
David Gyasi/Romilly
9 10
The world is on the brink of being inhabitable so Michael Caine sends farmer/former NASA pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) into space along with a small team to find another planet for the virus like human species to live on….and over time… destroy again…
I’ve pretty much LOVED every film that Christopher Nolan has directed thus far (with THE PRESTIGE being the one I have hard time really getting into). Does that make me a Nolan fanboy? Depends how you define the term fanboy! It’s not like I have posters of the guy wearing a G String on my wall on anything. But it does make me a dude that esteems Nolan’s immense talent and ambition and that thus far has gotten a lot out of his end results. Do with that what you will. Now I knew nothing about INTERSTELLAR beforehand; I doubled my efforts to not read anything about the film, as I wanted to go in there as blind as I could be. And it worked. What a delight it was to jump onboard this ride with ZERO idea as to where it was going. As you may have guessed it; INTERSTELLAR blew me the f*ck way. Nolan came through gangbusters once again!

INTERSTELLAR (written by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan) is what I would call a "full celluloid meal” as it moved me, thrilled me, stimulated my one brain cell and wowed me on varied levels. At its core, it was a love story between a father and daughter. That relationship was the heart of the film and amidst all the razzle dazzle and mind trips; it was always there. I’m not gonna BS ya the heart tugging moments here got to me. I teared up like a man-child many o times. But don’t tell anybody, I got a rep to uphold ya know?! Visually; I was so not prepared for the aesthetic feast Nolan was gonna slap my way which resulted in my jaw dropping and a sense of wonder possessing me. Nolan's shots were epic, the sweeping camera movements entrancing (I smell an Oscar nod for DP Hoyte van Hoytema) and the mood of the film was almost poetic. Nolan’s space sequences were astounding to say the least, I loved how he tried as much as he could to have no sound when they played out (there is no sound in space) and obviously silence can be a powerful tool within a movie and Interstellar was once again one of them times. Technically the film was a tour de force; a mix of potent CGI (I heard that the black hole here was the most accurate to ever be put on film) and model work for the spacecrafts. I caught some green screen here and there; but on the whole; the visual trickery was fairly flawless.

Casting wise; the flick was populated with pros! Matthew McConaughey sure knows how to cry! He was on top of his game here (although he looked hung-over in some scenes, which made me chuckle) and then some! Anne Hathaway did what she had to do with what she was given (her role lacked meat), Jessica Chastain was riveting as always while young Mackenzie Foy stole pretty much every scene she was in. Nolan regular Michael Caine also showed up and like we say in my household “You van never get enough of The Caine Man”! And damn was it swell to see John Lithgow on the big screen again! Dude hasn’t lost his touch. Moreover kudos to the film for making me understand its science! I know jack and shit about gravity, black holes and wormholes! Wether it was scientifically on the money or not, the flick managed to make me grasp all of it, hence I was able to stay with the story as it unraveled. Add to all some potent moments of suspense, gripping lines of dialogue (my favs being “Once you're a parent you're the ghost of your children's future” and “Love is the one thing that transcends time and space”), a brilliant score by Hans Zimmer (a departure from his usual work with Nolan, it reminded me of Ennio Morricone), some organic humorous moments and an endearing existential/philosophic streak that some may call pretentious; but that managed to whoop me stupid and you get one hell of a well rounded picture! Definitely one of Nolan’s best in my pointless opinion. I dug it more than Inception, which I also adored! NOTE: I was initially taken aback by the bulky designs of the robots — but I warmed up to and accepted them as the clock ticked forward. The humor that came with the metallic allies sure helped me "buy it".

Any peeves? Some minor ones. The film was too vague for me in communicating its happening during its first act (all the “ghost” stuff). I knew what was going on but wasn’t 100% on the “what exactly”. Then we had the surprise “celebrities in key roles” pop ups. The first two (which I won’t spoil) came through once I got over the fact of “Hey, it’s bla bla”! But the third one which was Topher Grace took me out of the film a tad. His relationship with Chastain’s character was barely existent and he brought next to nothing to the story. The role could have easily been cut out and none would have been the wiser. It was one character too many! Finally the last frames didn’t sit well with me. And the more I thought about them afterwards; the more questions I had about the logic behind them.

All in all though; INTERSTELLAR was Nolan’s 2001 whether he likes it or not! Although more accessible than Kubrick’s masterpiece; INTERSTELLAR did it all and with flair and big brass balls at that! I didn’t even feel the almost 3 hours run time! It flew by “like that”! The first thing I thought coming out of the theatre was “I gotta go see it again with somebody I love” and I will do just that! Thank you Nolan and company for the superior experience!
Does Matthew McConaughey’s “I drank too much the night before the shoot face” count?
T & A
Nothing to see here!
INTERSTELLAR owned me! Simple as that. It affected me emotionally, made me think, killed me with tension and gave me quite the spectacle on a visual standpoint. The flick had a terrific cast with Matthew McConaughey carrying this bad boy like the champ that he is, Hans Zimmer’s score was simply sublime and the special effects were stellar! Granted the first act was too vague with its info in places, Topher Grace’s role was useless and I wasn’t 100% sold on the final frames, but on the whole, movies like INTERSTALLAR are one of the reasons why I love going to the cinema! As much as I like being entertained on some occasion, I also like to be challenged in others and this flick did just that!
Christopher Nolan saw Matthew McConaughey in MUD (2012) which led to his casting.

Theoretical physicist Kip Thorne worked with the VFX team to create the black hole.

Steven Spielberg was once attached to direct.