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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday(1993)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Adam Marcus

John D. Lemay/Steven
Kari Keegan/Jessica
Erin Gray/Diane
Kane Hodder/Jason
5 10
Jason gets killed by the FBI. His heart possesses people’s bodies (they’re hypnotized by the heart thumping and ingest it) and in his new forms, Jason hunts down his only blood relatives so he can be reborn again. What the f..k is going on?
A Friday The 13th film this is not.New Line bought the rights off Paramount and do the same thing they did to Elm Street…commercialize it. They ignore the 8 previous entries and give their own take on the masked killer. I didn’t dig the new approach too much. I’m supposed to believe that Jason has been body hopping the for 8 films… come on!!!! It’s easier for me to believe that in part 2-3-4 he was just a tough bastard and in 6-7-8 a resilient zombie. This body hopping shite is for the birds!

Aside that it’s a blatant rip off of “The Hidden”, this film just doesn’t give us enough Jason for our bucks. I mean Jason is there but he’s in other people’s bodies. We see him now and then in mirror reflections and at the finale but through out the movie his physical presence is too absent.

The characters are mostly involving, (loved The Duke) and the acting is fine but the story is kind of cheap and very “New Line”. We get the “Voorhees” house, we get Jason having a sister, we get a Jason baby (a lot like the Freddy baby in Nightmare 5)and we get a big cheesy slam-bang lightshow at the end that would be more appropriate for the Elm Street series than the Friday’s. I have a theory: once a horror villain gets a sibling or a son/daughter tossed in, that means the entry is lazy and resorts to bullcrap to fill in its plot. My theory doesn’t always apply but here I think it’s dead on. Jason didn’t need this sister shite and really didn’t need all the baggage that comes with it…to be honest Jason didn’t need this script all together. It has nothing to do with the series I’ve been following for years..

The mano vs mano fight sequence between Jason and Steven has more in common with a WWF episode than Friday The 13th and under whelmed me. I mean the “real” Jason would have snapped that guy’s neck in a second…His whole existence is at stakes here!!!! Why is he monkeying around????

This film plunges head first into the supernatural and I don’t think that’s the way to go when it comes to Jason. Even Jason’s look is less grounded in reality and more “fantastical” looking.

One character that I wished we saw more of is Vicky (played by the gorgeous Allison Smith), the shotgun wielding waitress that just keeps on coming. I loved her and her kickarse action scene was a delight.

We do get some nice gun fight scenes, a couple “old fashioned” Jason killings (the kids camping in the woods) that redefines the importance of “safe sex”, nods to Evil Dead and CreepShow and lots of bloodshed but we don’t get an honest Friday The 13th entry.

They should’ve called this flick “Nightmare On Hidden Street “.
I saw the unrated version and we get lots of red stuff. My fav is this girl’s head being squeezed till her brains pop out and the chick in the tent. We also get lots of other kind of gooey stuff, like a decomposing man, lots of squid (bullets) hits and nasty impalings. Gory fun.
John D. Lemay (Steven) handles himself very well and tackles the part of the unlikely hero adequately. Kari Keegan (Jessica) also does fine and cries on Q. Steven Williams (Duke) is the highlight of the film for me. His performance is tongue in cheek, bigger than life and tough as nails. (I adored the finger cracking scene) Loved his hat too. Erin Gray (Diana)… well her acting was too “soap opera” like for my taste. Kane Hodder (Jason) does fine again when he’s onscreen…rarely. He does have a funny non Jason cameo as a swat team member.
T & A
This one has enough nudity to fill in three Friday The 13th films. Tits, ass and even a male butt shot for the ladies. Lot\'s of skin. NOTE: Kathryn Atwood who plays the red head camper is sizzling hot and definite marriage material.
Very stylized, lots of slow motion action scenes and kool shots…the film looks good. It also sometime goes back to the Friday The 13th vibe…sometimes…
The Chi Chi score and a decent “action” score.
This is a tough call…as a movie that has nothing to do with the Friday The 13th film, this is an ok action/horror opus with lots of gore and nudity. But as a Friday The 13th sequel, this one misses the boat, betraying the die hard fans and straying too far from it’s source. He’s wearing a hockey mask, has a machete but he’s not the Jason I know. How they went from masked serial killer to body possessing parasite is beyond me. I welcome different things in a long lasting series but reinventing the whole saga is not the way to go about it. I hope Jason X doesn’t make him into an alien…
Unrated Director\'s cut is available on video and includes several violent scenes removed from the theatrical R-rated version.

Scenes in the R-rated version that do not appear in director\'s cut:

A scene in the cafe in which Steven makes a mock-prank phone call.

Additional dialogue in Robert and Duke\'s interview scene.

Additional dialogue in the scene where Randy and Steven fight on the roadside and pull guns on one another.

Scenes in director\'s cut that do not appear in the R-rated version:

The sex scene is longer and more graphic.

Much more gory violence; nearly all characters cough up blood as they are being killed, the shot of the tent pole being rammed through the girl, the shot of the chubby guy\'s hand being broken off, the shot of Robert (Jason) crushing the girl\'s head and blood spurting out (she then says \"go to hell\"), Coroner (Jason swings the scalpel more times at the girl outside the tent.

The shot of the creature crawling up Diana\'s dress was also omitted from the R-rated version.

The original script by Jay Huguely featured Jason\'s brother Elias as the killer and included backstory about Pamela Voorhees\' involvement in the occult. It was decided, however, that Jason needed to be the focus of the film, and Dean Lorey was brought in to re-configure the storyline. Hence, the brother was jettisoned, and the first name Elias was assigned to Jason\'s father.

The camping scene with the ill-fated Luke, Deborah and Alexis, was not part of the original script. When test audiences in early 1993 complained about the lack of sex and teenaged characters, the scene was subsequently written and filmed during a new shoot.

The following cuts were made (some of the cuts were made in order to avoid an \"NC-17\" rating from the MPAA):

At the beginning, before Jason gets blown up by the FBI, the female cop shoots Jason in the head.

The fighting scene between Steven and Jason is longer. At one point Steven hides inside the climbing rack as Jason tries to grab him.

We see Duke being brought in the police station. Duke is brought in, having been found standing over the empty morgue cabinet that had held Diana\'s (Erin Gray) body. What was he doing there? \"Trying to steal the body, obviously,\" Duke explains irritably, \"but you f**ked up and let someone get to it before I could....if it\'s where I think it is, you\'re in a world of s**t.\"

In the morgue we see the coroner get some instruments from a cabinet.

More dialogue in the Duke interview.

The original ending where Steven kicks the knife in Jason\'s chest. Besides the giant hands there is also a creature which pulls down Jason into the ground.

Jason in the body of Josh kills the boyfriend of one of the waitresses after we see some dialogue between them and she leaves. Jason bangs the guy\'s head against a sink.

After the creature escapes Randy\'s body we see Duke fighting with it before it falls down the basement. Then there is a different dialogue where Steven asks Duke if the Voorhees which Jason has to be reborn trough must be alive.

Another dialogue where Robert Campbell talks on the phone in the Voorhees house while Steven hides in the closet. He says Jessica can never shut up about her family and he runs down the whole Voorhees family tree.

For the final edit, the character David (Jonathan Penner) and his murder were completely cut from the film. In bootleg prints, the character is dispatched by Deputy Josh (Andrew Bloch), who has been possessed by the Jason entity and who bashes David\'s head against a faucet.