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Written by: The Arrow
Director: The Spierig Brothers

Ethan Hawke
Noah Taylor
Sarah Snook
8 10
Ethan Hawke is a time travelling agent part of a shady organization charged with going back in time to prevent major crimes. But he gets more than he bargained for when he’s assigned to stop the “The Fizzle Bomber” from blowing up New York and killing thousands of people as he’s taken on quite the loop the loop. And so are we!
Predestination was seen at the 2014 Fantasia Film Festival.

I didn’t know ANYTHING about PREDESTINATION before giving it a whirl other than 1- It was based on author Robert A. Heinlein’s (The Puppet Masters, Starship Troopers) short story All You Zombies and 2- It was written and directed by the talented The Spierig Brothers (Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig) whom did the very fun UNDEAD in 2003 and the competent DAYBREAKERS in 2009 (also with cool cat Ethan Hawke btw). I’m not sure why it took them 5 years to crank another film out, maybe the sad-sack state of the Indie scene has something to do with that, but I’m not complaining! It was definitely worth the wait!

PREDESTINATION worked me hard on two levels the first being as a poignant and captivating drama. Oddly enough my favorite part of the movie wasn’t the time travel elements; but the lengthy and tragedy filled story that Sarah Snook’s character told our hero (and that was shown to us). I found it to be captivating, moving and at times shocking while the interaction between Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook was pure genius to say the least. Both actors shared a rock solid chemistry and bounced off each other ideally. Although this was Ethan Hawke at his natural and visceral best; Sarah Snook pretty much stole the show. At about 15 minutes in the film the expression “ A star is born!” popped in my noggin. Snook was simply a revelation here and owned all by way of her emotionally charged, affable and heartbreaking performance. I so felt for her and just wanted to give her a hug. I had never heard of the lass before this one (but have since seen her shine in Jessabelle), but I will definitely follow her career from here on end. Yes it was that strong of a showcase! Kudos girl! You’re going places!

The other aspect of the film that wowed me and then some was its penchant to take its warped and novel concepts and mindf*ck me with them, without even buying me dinner first! PREDESTINATION was the kind of film that demanded that you pay attention to its details and once I got wind of said M.O. I did just that. It resulted in a very involving watch, I almost felt like I was part of the movie. And once I got the full picture as the end credits rolled, the more I thought about it, the more my head hurt. But I don’t say that as a bad thing. I love it when a film challenges me and forces me to use more than one brain cell to decipher it, and this puppy did just that. Even the turns that I easily predicted blew my mind when revealed! Why? Cause I cared. Add to all that love, polished visuals/slick cinematography, a moody electronic score (can’t find the name of the composer…too bad) and stellar production designs that captured the varied time eras we were in; and you get a poignant, bold and visually striking Sci-Fi thriller!

The only downside I can think of is that some of PREDESTINATION’s “ big surprises” were fairly transparent. The film wasn’t as smart as it thought it was in terms of keeping its uppercut plot twists under the radar. I anticipated many of them fairly quickly and was proven right when they happened. On that; the strength of this film lied in the fact that they still affected me when they unraveled. So it wasn’t really where we were going that had me by the nut-sack throughout, but more how we got there.

On the whole PREDESTINATION was akin to a puzzle being thrown in the air and me trying to make out what it is before it hits the floor. It was a movie that stayed with me long afterwards and one that I will want to see again to fully digest! The Spierig Brothers are back and in top form at that! I am happy!
Gun shot wounds aside, none.
T & A
We get brief non-erotic male nudity.
PREDESTINATION stands tall and proud next to LOOPER as one of the more rewarding recent time travel movies! The film was well written, dramatically charged, brilliantly acted (all about Sarah Snook), sported all kinds of crazy concepts and was visually striking to boot! Although some of its surprise plot twists were predictable, they still hit me hard when they elbow dropped and yes my mind was still thrown in the mind-bending machine and I got a good spin out of it! In my useless opinion this was The Spierig Brothers best film to date! Congrats mates! May I have another?
The film was shot in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ethan Hawke on Predestination: "It'd be a good double feature with Gattaca, a movie I did years ago."