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RoboCop 3(1993)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Fred Dekker

Robert Burke/Robocop
Remy Ryan/Nikko
Rip Torn/CEO
Nancy Allen/Lewis
4 10
Using a “Nazi wannabee army”, OCP is trying to evict the citizens of Old Detroit out of their homes in order to build their long time dream that is Delta City (a state of the art metropolis). But when Robocop (Burke) decides to side with the rebels, an all0out war against “The System” erupts.
When I go to my local pub and order a rum and coke, I expect some rum in that glass. If I don’t get it, I get mad, when I get mad, shit gets ugly, when shit gets ugly…ummm…well…I usually get kicked out the pub for rambunctious behavior. But I digress. When I hit a Robocop sequel, I expect a strong dose of warped humor, wrapped up in a thick coating of that oh-so coveted (by me, anyway) ultra-violence. For some reason, none of that sweet poison was found in this glass!

\"Robocop 3\" was a watered down, un-funny, pussied out and Toys \'R Us sequel. Who’s the tie-wearing fuckwad responsible for this limp membrane? Put him in a meat grinder this instant! \"Robocop 3\" obviously took the PG-13 direction to appeal to a wider audience (i.e. kids who will buy a shitload of Robocop toys), but it bombed at the box-office anyway and sent Robocop to TV show hell. I will give this sequel this: I was never bored while watching it. The affair moved at an even pace, there was lots of “safe” action (but action, nonetheless), Basil Poledouris’ badass score brought much needed spunk to the proceedings while Robo’s new artillery hit the “slick stuff” nerve. It should also be said that seeing the dynamic duo (Murphy/Lewis) back in the game again was for me a treat. I love both characters to scrap pieces!

Sadly, I mostly couldn’t have given two shits about the “After School Special” plotline here and found the villains way too bland and cartoonish to leave an impression (those Robo Ninjas were pussies). I also got irritated real fast at all the “stripped of their edge” homages to the original Robocop. Granted, I was glad to see the “I’d buy that for a dollar” champ again, but most of the rips felt like un-original filler as opposed to proud references to the first movie. FIND YOUR OWN VOICE DAMMIT! The last two buckets of acid on top of this one’s head were A) Robo now played by Robert Burke was hardly in the film and displayed almost zero humanity and B) There’s a lead kiddie in the movie who by, HUGE CHANCE, happened to be a computer genius. Urg! I wanted to puke every time she showed up onscreen to act as a point of focus for the intended target audience. I also wanted to shoot the screenwriter every time he used her to solve a plot obstacle (what she did to Ed 209 was so lame). Hey kid! Shove that laptop up your pie-hole and go back to “Barney”! She had no business in a Robocop sequel.

\"Robocop 3\" was a slim shadow of what Robocop used to be, closer to the “whatever” TV show than the original film. Sure, I had some fun with it in a vacuous, typical, Saturday cartoon type of way (seeing Robocop fly was groovy in its tackiness), but I can’t say that much stayed with me. REST IN PIECES, ROBO!
This one was dryer than a 95-year old porn star rotting in the sun. We get mucho bloodless gun shot wounds and 2 Cyborg beheadings. Yawn!
Robert Burke (Robocop) did what he could behind that mask, but he lacked “humanity” and couldn’t make the “monotone jive” work like Weller did in the first two films. Remy Ryan (Nikko) was a kid-- a syrupy “nice” kid. Remy Ryan got on my nerves! As a rule, I love Rip Torn (CEO)...the dude usually cracks me up! Here, even he seemed bored! Nancy Allen (Lewis) wasn’t given much to do, but her presence was still appreciated.
T & A
The ladies get some Asian dude’s cut chest and we get Robo’s sweet metallic bootie!
Dekker put out a “workman like” directing show. It was adequate, but nothing really stood out to smack me across the head with a “Yowzer!” Think a TV movie of the week…with a flying Robocop.
At least Basil Poledouris’ groovy Robo score was still at play to juice things up. THANK THE VERHOEVEN!
Distributor: MGM Release Date: June 8, 2004

IMAGE: We get an anamorphic 1.85.1 widescreen image.

SOUND: We get a Dolby Digital 5.1 sound with optional subtitles (English, French and Spanish).

EXTRAS: All we get is the Theatrical Trailer.

For more info on the ROBOCOP TRILOGY BOX SET, read my \"RoboCop\" review here.
Although not the atrocity that so many proclaim it to be, \"Robocop 3\" was a “dead load” overall, too busy regurgitating elements from the first film in a “kiddie” manner to firmly stand on its own two metallic feet. This flick spat in the face of all true Robocop fans across the world by diapering shite up! Thanks guys! Thanks a whole bunch! Sure, the flick was effortless to sit through and was semi-amusing, but as a stand alone, it was too generic and light to warm my bacon and as a Robo sequel, it didn’t even come close to hitting the spot. Too bad the franchise had to end on such a rehashed, cowardly and TV Movie of the week whimper. We’ll miss ya, Murphy!
Peter Weller refused to play Robocop again due to scheduling conflicts with his starring stint in the slick \"Naked Lunch\" by David Cronenberg.

Frank Miller (who wrote Part 2) and Fred Dekker (who did the great \"Night of the Creeps\") wrote the screenplay.

\"Robocop 3\" was completed in 1991 and shelved for two years due to Orion’s cash flow problems.

The Robocop suit went back to metallic (like in the first film) where it was blue in Part 2.

This lackluster sequel made way to Robo on TV. We got RoboCop: Prime Directives and then Robocop: The Series. I also heard there was Robo cartoon too!