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SAW III(2006)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

Tobin Bell/Jigsaw/John
Shawnee Smith/Amanda
Angus Macfadyen/Jeff
Bahar Soomekh/Lynn
8 10
Jigsaw's hot buns protege Amanda (Smith) kidnaps some genius doctor (Soomek) to keep her detoriating mentor alive while they play their last gored laced game.
Sometimes Rules Are Meant To Be

Sometimes Rules Are Meant To Be Broken...

Love it or hate it, nobody can deny that the SAW franchise has left a deep laceration on the genre much like Nightmare on Elm Street did in the 80's and SCREAM in the late 90's. I personally adored SAW, really liked SAW II but was actually weary of SAW III. I mean how many times can you see some poor schleps walk around dark corridors to then get tortured, specially now with much of the mystery behind it all gone? So it was with reservations that I hopped in the ring with SAW III and to my surprise; it knocked me the f*ck out!

This is the end of the SAW franchise. Sure if this one breaks the piggy bank, the Studio will most likely continue none the less until they milk the cow dry and SAW IIIIIIII opens STD, but to me its over. And what a way to close the curtains. SAW creators James Wan (Story By) and Leigh Whannell (Story By and Screenplay By) return to the series that made them infamous as screenwriters and they did it with balls, maturity and panache. SAW III was akin to the more intimate and character driven approach of the original. That warmed my pancakes right there. Not only did I have people to invest myself into again but I also got a "game" that went beyond slick deaths. On this round there was a visceral, human and emotional punch to it that upped the stakes of the tomfoolery big time! Big props to the script for that and for slyly covering its bases like nobody's business when it came to the whole of the franchise. We got lots more compelling juice as to the "behind the scenes" shenanigans of Jigsaw/Amanda, their "peculiar" relationship and how far back it truly went.

Fear not though, SAW III was more than an assault of revelations and expansion on the franchise, it was also a vicious, gory beating. I saw this flick with my brother and both of us were cringing in our seats like tweaked up worms on hooks as the new torture devices came into gruesome play. Mucho graphic, sadistically inventive and just plain out of line, I felt every bone crunch, flesh tear and cranium sawing that this flick so proudly put out. And somebody listened to the fans as to the quick-cut madness that sometimes lousily paid off the kills in Part II. Here they played that jive down, making the flick even tougher to watch in the process. Good shite! Tag to all that Director Darren Bousman's obvious evolution in terms of skill and grasp on the material, mostly efficient acting all around, Charlie Clouser's incredible score whooping hard once more and a finale that had me grinning from ear to ear like a slit throat bleeding out profusely on one's Persian rug and you get a heavy hitter, one that should give boners to the SAW fans of the world

Any complaints? A couple of minute ones. I particularly didn't care for Bahar Soomekh's uneven performance which hurt the film since she was a main character. Her delivery didn't always sell me and I had zero sympathy for her character. But that's just me, you might feel otherwise. I also saw one plot twist coming from miles away but to be frank (or Tony) that didn't diminish its oomph much when it went down and the other twist that followed made sure to uppercut me silly; hence all was well in Graceland. One flashback/subplot having to do with a pre-sick Jigsaw and his lover begged for more exploration but I never got it. A shame. And where were my creepy SAW dolls? I wanted more of those buggers at play. But that's me being greedy. Finally, the flick did cover some grounds that we had already explored in the past two films, so a pinch of redundancy did surface. It felt like some of the exposition was present to serve the folks that knew nothing of the franchise; problem was, if you don't know the SAW movies like the back of your ass, the rest of the film will leave you in the dust anyways.

SAW III is for SAW fans, that's it that's all. If you're getting in the game now, I recommend you watch 1 and 2 before wrestling this big bad wolf. This second sequel truly impressed me on many levels. I really didn't think it could be that good! Its smarty pants script, its intense violence, its well rounded players, its gripping emotional content and its tight knit pace made sure to keep me in its trap. Crueler and gorier than Part II but yet fuller, SAW III was the neck-snap the franchise needed to go out on! Congrats and spread eagle hookers to everybody involved! You pulled it off! You gonna play Jigsaw's game one last time or stick to Monopoly? MAKE YOUR CHOICE!

I aint giving away jack-all! Lets just say that the kills were overt in heir graphicness, the traps were taken a stab further in their insanity/creativity and that the mean streak was amplified ten fold... oh yes, you will see blood...a shitload of it!
I'm sure Tobin Bell (Jigsaw/John) can play this role in his sleep by now but that didn't change the effectiveness/range that he displayed in all of the Jigsaw incarnations within this film. Loved him! Shawnee Smith (Amanda) was cute as a button and finally got a shot to run with her character...and she did it with gusto. Angus Macfadyen (Jeff) was on the ball as the conflicted and mourning father. Loved him in Equilibrium too! Bahar Soomekh (Lynn) was on and off for me and I had trouble giving half of a damn about her character. Dina Meyers (Kerry) did well with her limited screen time.
T & A
We get some tits and a trimmed bush but the circumstances around those goodies didn't evoke "arousal". The ladies get some shirtless dudes, but unless seeing a guy in his jockeys with hooks pierced in his flesh turns you on; nothing to get wet about here. NOTE: This is for the countless peeps that e-mailed me about this since this review went up: apart from a quick shot of her undies; Shawnee Smith keeps her candy to herself. Bummer I know...but...GREAT UNDIES!
Bousman showcased a mucho confident and tight show via dread filled atmosphere, a strong handle on his drama, a high impact way of communicating his horror while putting out an infectious pace at that. I was also in a tizzie to see that the quick-cut editing was lessened on this go around when compared to Part II. Good stuff Batman!
Charlie Clouser gave us another powerful score, this time using way more of the arresting Zepp Overature melody throughout (in a subtle way) than he did in the first 2 films.
As the end credits for SAW III rolled, I half expected the words O-W-N-E-D to pop up on the screen as that's what the film did...IT OWNED ME. Cleverly written, packed with substance, strong characters, warped traps and hard to watch kills that made me their bitch, I couldn't have asked for a better way for this franchise to end. Sure I had a couple of issues with Bahar Soomekh's meh display and could've done without some of the "we know this already" exposition, but overall, SAW III was an incredibly ambitious sequel (It addressed the whole franchise while having its own story to tell...nuts!) that wound up being much stronger than it should be. I mean its a Part 3 of a formula based franchise! I didn't think there was anything left to say! But I was wrong...there was... and that in itself is the highest compliment I could give it. If they're smart they'll stop right here with the SAW films! Finish on top! But as we know money talks and quality walks. GAME OVER?
The final draft of the script was banged out under a week's time by Leigh Whannell off a story based by SAW director James Wan.

The film is dedicated to late SAW producer Gregg Hoffman He passed on in December of 2005.