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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Colin and Greg Strause

Eric Balfour/Jarrod
Scottie Thompson/Elaine
brittany Daniels/Candice
Crystal Reed/Denise
5 10
Aliens come to earth with all kinds of blue shiny lights that attract us to them like bugs to a Zapper. They've dropped by to collect our sorry asses and gobble up our gray matter. Will Eric Balfour, his pencil mustache and a group of arrogant nitwits get out of the ordeal alive?
I was in the middle of the “pumped for it” scale with SKYLINE before entering the theater; the trailers were cool as ice (Vanilla that is) and I always love me a good E.T. come home to butcher mankind opus. But on the flip-side; it was directed by Colin Strause and Greg Strause who are yes, two astounding special effects duders; but they also created I Know What You Did Last Predator Hunting Season aka REQUIEM: AVP 2...a movie that I loathed with a freaking passion. They burned me once and I wasn't eager for a second helping of “ouch”. So how did it turn out? Half and half.

SKYLINE put out a familiar yet always gripping set up; one LA morning, aliens come down to earth in their mammoth spaceships with one intent: to f*ck us up. Granted I have ZERO idea why the story began with the invasion and then backtracked 15 hours to give us some “character meat” that didn't make a lick of difference as to what followed.. but I digress; I let it go, wanting to get my money's worth. And once the shit hit the shan, I semi did. Skyline went on to drop the Night of the Living Dead card on the table in the sense that it had a bunch of people trapped in one location while all hell broke loose outside. Throughout the fiasco; there was enough chases, Independence Day-ish mayhem in the sky (planes vs. Alien crafts) and pop goes the slimy alien bits to keep me entertained. Moreover; the CGI effects as to the creatures and the spaceships were pretty damn money. Sure some of the designs were derivative from other movies that came before it (the octopus beasties were so straight out of The Matrix, it was a tad embarrassing) but they still got the job done. As the chain of events moved at an able pace and a much BIGGER alien started to show up to cause a ruckus; I was doing okay with this sucka, thinking: “This shit is aight... fun cheese". So why isn't it getting a higher rating?

Thing is; if you're gonna do an alien invasion film, one that depends on your heroes and us rooting for them to include tension in the proceedings, you better make sure these cats are likable and credible. Here Eric Balfour and Scottie Thompson aside (who gave uneven performances BTW but I fell for their lovey-dovey jive); I didn't give a crap about anybody. The characterization was of the slim Jim type, the folks were annoying (yeah, rich a-holes, I'll relate to those), they made dumb moves that had me groaning and would start drama that the film never finished. I can't fully blame the actors here; cause its not like they had layered (beyond cliches) characters or good dialogue to work with. Some of the lines here were straight out of B Movie hell and brought the film down to Syfy Channel level. Yeesh! And was I alone in thinking that the movie wasn't always CLEAR as to its intentions? Specially when it came to communicating the aliens M.O.? Too vague for my one simpleton brain cell. When I have to tap Wiki to fully "get" what went down; it aint good. Visually although sporting lots of WOW shots from the Strause brothers (the Michael Bay wannabee sequences, with booming score, potent slow motion and smooth camera shots was dope); the picture also put out moments that felt B Movie-ish cheap. Kind of took me off the ride. Finally, we had the asinine ending. Like really, its still blowing my mind as to HOW a finale like this could happen. Ya see the narrative said all it had to say beautifully and then faded to white...and I was like; “this is a strong cap-off...I am sold” but then...well... it wasn't done... it continued for 5 minutes or so after that, to start a new plot thread that it never finished. I actually sat through the closing credits, hoping that the movie would give me some sort of closure after them... no dice.

If the ending was an idea developed to further explore in a sequel (that may or may not happen); they should have kept it for just that, the opening of the follow up, and NOT as the conclusion of this film. You don't leave your audience hanging like that. NOT COOL. And I thought The Last Exorcism had the worst ending of the year; nope, Skyline beats its ass hands down. It was all kinds of wrong. So even though Skyline randomly amused me throughout and gave me an eyeful of badass visuals effects, I was BAFFLED as I left the theater...BAFFLED as to how somebody would think them last 5 minutes were a good idea. But hey that's just my 69 cents; maybe you'll get off on it on your end...who knows?! So you gonna join the Skyline party? Or you gonna sit this one out and go play with yourself? Your call amigos!
We get some light blood, don't blink or you'll miss them ripped off heads and human brain suckling. It wore it PG 13 well.
T & A
A bunch of chicks in bikinis, aliens with vagina like mouths (ummm...vaginas...) and the ladies get some shirtless dude strutting his stuff.
Dumb, sometimes fun with a shit ending! SKYLINE was NOT the total abomination I thought it would be. I randomly had an okay time with it. Hard not to; you got crazy aliens, communicated via bang on CGI going ape shit on humanity. I love that shite! Its a movie that will go down much better on DVD if ya ask me. Ideal for that late Saturday night/morning when you're looking for something to fall asleep to after a hard night of drinking or/and f*cking. Its too bad that most of the characters were grating, that the dialogue was nil, the directing at times off and that the last 5 minutes completely ruined what came before it. Heed my words; near the end the film will flash to white; when it does LEAVE THE THEATER or STOP the DVD player... that way you will get the conclusion that should have been (which was for me, the most powerful scene of the movie)... if ya don't, you'll have to go through what I did...and curse the heavens all the way back home. Am out of here!
Most of the action was shot in the high-rise condo where Greg Strause lives for $500,000. The visual effects in Post jacked the budget up to $10 million.

The Brothers Strause say that they have a sequel in mind. They will do it with their own money if they have to and try to find a distributor after that.

The flick was written by Joshua Cordes and Liam O'Donnell