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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Steve Miner

Julian Sands/Warlock
Lori Singer/Kassandra
Richard E. Grant/Redferne
6 10
A Warlock (Sands) and a witch hunter travel through time to fight it off in the 20th century. The Warlock’s goal is to find the three sections of the grand grimoire (Satan’s bible) which would reveal god’s name. Once god’s name spoken, the world would uncreate and end. Ambitious little witch. But he’s got Redferne (Grant) and an annoying 20th century broad (Singer) on his butt. Will the Warlock end all of our lives?
A small movie with a good story, shades of Terminator a bit. The film flows at an even pace with some scenes of minor tension and some "fish out of the water" humor courtesy of Grant’s character. What holds the movie together is without a doubt the casting of Julian Sands. He’s very credible as the Warlock and I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t focus more of the movie on him. I like that the Warlock is a normal man who happens to knows magic and crave Satan’s attention. We see him eat for god’s sakes…I know that sounds trivial but have you ever seen "Jason" eat, "Micheal Myers" eat? Didn’t think so. The movie has average visual effects, isn’t very scary and Lori Singer’s one liners are putrid. The movie also has one major inconsistency that bothered me: Redferne being allowed to bring a huge metal spear on a plane. I don’t think airport security would even let that spike in the airport yet alone the plane. Another thing is the cemetery finale, although exciting, it was obviously filmed on a set and took me out of the movie a bit. On a positive note the British duo (Grant and Sands) really bite into their parts and the movie is never boring…just not that exciting either. Cast a spell on this…
Mainly suggested but we still get a bit off tongue, chopped finger and bleeding eyes. The visual effects (Warlock flying or fire coming out of his hands) are somewhat weak but work on a cheesy level.
Julian Sands (Warlock) gives a charming, evil performance. The man looks great onscreen and is obviously having fun with the role. Richard E Grant (Redferne) is very convincing as the witch hunter from another time, he’s also very good at comedy. He gives us a focused, well played show. Lori Singer (Kassandra) is uneven. She doesn’t seem to be acting with the other actors, more like acting alone. Her performance is drowned by the better players around her. Those one liners don't help either…urgh.
T & A
It wouldn’t have hurt the movie…
The movie is very low on style and it works. Considering the subject matter, it would have been easy to go nuts with the shots but surprisingly the film is very grounded therefore making the events that occur more believable.
A great score by Jerry Goldsmith that brings much atmosphere to the film.
Good story, good acting (except for Singer), light humor, average effects, minor tension and low gore. It won’t blow your mind but at least you see the effort put in by everyone to produce a quality film. I expected more action from this one, more gore too so I was slightly disappointed. But if the girlfriend is over and Dawn Of The Dead is not gonna happen, slap this puppy in…This is a horror flick for couples…
Steve Miner is not a big gore fan. The original scene with the fortune teller had her frozen, then thrown to the ground where she shatters, then the Warlock tramples her to little pieces and collects her eyes. Miner thought the scene to be too "hard" and reshot it. It is now a friendlier murder…