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World War Z(2013)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Marc Forster

Brad Pitt/Gerry
Mireille Enos/Karin
Daniella Kertes/Segen
James Badge Dale/Captain Speke
7 10
This first entry was an engaging, fast paced, often eye popping and action driven adventure that happened to be a about Zombies spreading the disease. I dug the ride! So job well done for this jerk! Bring in more Z!
All I kept hearing from fans about WORLD WAR Z is that it was nothing like the 2006 novel of the same name by Max Brooks. Well I've never read the thing (I aim to change that) so I didn't have that hefty baggage on my shoulders going in. Maybe when I do read it one day, I'll think “Brad Pitt, what were you smoking brah? Same shit you puffed on in True Romance?” But till then, here's what I thought of the movie on its own: I had a lot of fun!

The way I see it World War Z was not a Zombie movie with action in it, but an action movie with Zombies in it. The flick focused way more on grand scale disasters, Brad Pitt continent hopping and running away from lethal foes in the name of trying to solve this mammoth problem, than it did on the actual undead. Don't get me wrong there were countless Zombies at play here and the sight of thousands of them piling up on top of each other to get over a large wall or throwing themselves off high ground to get to their prey was jaw dropping to say the least; but far from intimate. For the most part, World War Z approached its undead in a polar opposite manner than say the original Dawn of the Dead did; from afar. This was a huge budget summer action/adventure first and Zombies took a back-seat to that jive. And hey, I could live with that! I dig big coin action/adventure parties as much as I enjoy more low budget and hardcore fare!

Brad Pitt once again reminded me why he's a movie star. He commanded the screen here and had me on his side the whole time. At this point, nobody should be very surprised by that, Pitt is a freaking acting veteran, he could play this role half asleep while snacking on Cheetos. I personally hadn't seen Pitt onscreen since The Tree of Life in 2011. So yeah, I had missed the dude! The lad was well backed by the supporting cast too. The lovely Mireille Enos and the affable Daniella Kertesz stood out for me, as they brought humatiy and some emotional resonance to the proceedings. But make no mistake, this was Brad's show through and through. It was a Pitt Fest! Moreover, running at two hours long, I appreciated the easy pace of the affair. At the end of the kill, the storyline was driven forward by action and that meant rarely a boring scene in sight. Run, jump, hide, fight, talk a bit to then... run, jump hide, fight some more! Yeehaw! Tension was present as well and I dug the occasional scare left hook that whacked me stupid. Finally the money was on the screen, perfectly capturing the scope of this global Zombie epidemic, the CGI was almost seamless while the score by Marco Beltrami (sometimes performed by rock band Muse) managed to back them wow visuals in a fairly unique sounding way. I may get the soundtrack, it had some shining moments to it!

On the bummer side; Marc Forster did the same muck up that he did on his last film Quantum of Solace: too much shaky cam and close shots during some of the action scenes. Result? I often had a hard time deciphering what was going down and that took away from said bits. Somebody give that dude a sedative and teach him how to use wide shots in action already! Sheesh! And then we had the PG-13. Going that way was maybe a good idea in terms of getting more asses in the seats (and making that 200 Million back) but alas the integrity of the picture was compromised. For example; a girl gets her hand cut off. We don't see the hand being cut or even the hand fall on the ground. Huh? Fail! And that is just ONE example. More blood and SOME graphic onscreen violence would have elevated this one to a higher echelon. This felt more like a PG than a PG-13 to me! And although I didn't have a problem with the (re-shot) more intimate last act (I found it tension laced and satisfying, it worked on me), it still felt like the film capped off abruptly. I craved more as the end credits rolled. But maybe that's not a bad thing...cause you can count me in for a sequel!

Yup, there's more story to tell in the film universe of World War Z and I want to see it unravel! This first entry was a thrilling, fast paced, often eye popping and action driven ride that happened to be a about Zombies spreading the disease. I had lots of fun! So job well done for this jerk! Bring me more Z!

PS: The Post conversion 3D was ass, don't pay extra for it.
Other than some light blood here and there and an objet stuck in somebody's gut; nathing. A shame, some gore and graphic violence would have made this one even better.
T & A
This flick was scared of the Ketchup bottle, don't even think of getting titties.
WORLD WAR Z grabbed me off the bat, kept me in the game the whole way and only let go of my sorry ass as the end credits rolled. It moved fast, had at least three epic Zombie mayhem scenes and showcased the undead on a larger scale than the norm. To top that off suspense was in the house, the CGI was tops and Brad Pitt carried the film like the champ that he is. Yeah, the PG-13 hurt it and Forster's close-shot/shaky cam tendencies had me reaching for the barf bag and new glasses, but on the whole, it was a well done summer action film, I had a hoot and a nanny (whatever the f*ck that means) and came out of there happy! Will you feel the same, the hell I know! You tell me via our comments below! Arrow out! I got Death Wish 3 lined up next on this rainy Saturday afternoon...f*ck yeah!
The initial last act was a large-scale battle with the zombies in Moscow's Red Square with Brad Pitt whooping all kinds of Zombie ass Rambo style! You know, what, I'd love to see that! Maybe the scene will be on the Blu-Ray.

Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard re-wrote the last act of the film.

Don't blink and you'll se Matthew Fox in a small role. I hear his part will be much bigger if there is to be a Part 2.

David Morse has a cameo.