Dark Angel 2 aka I Come in Peace 2? Test fight video with Matthias Hues surfaces!

The 1990 sci-fi action movie I Come in Peace (a.k.a. Dark Angel) is a favorite of ours here at Arrow in the Head; you can read an “Arrow Recommends” article on the film HERE and pick up a copy of the Scream Factory Blu-ray at THIS LINK. We were hyped when the film’s star Matthias Hues announced that he was working on a sequel – and now there’s a sign that the sequel may be a possibility. Stunt coordinator Mike Möller has posted a video featuring Hues in familiar get up that looks to be a test fight for I Come in Peace 2.

We have our fingers crossed that this does mean I Come in Peace 2 is on the way, because we really want to see this sequel – and if this test fight footage can be taken as any indication, it looks like it would be awesome.

Directed by former stunt coordinator Craig R. Baxley from a screenplay by Jonathan Tydor and David Koepp (working under a pseudonym), the first I Come in Peace starred Dolph Lundgren, Brian Benben, and Betsy Brantley, and with pentathlon champion/martial artist Matthias Hues playing a homicidal intergalactic drug dealer.

Here’s the synopsis: 

Detective Jack Caine (Lundgren) thought he’d dealt with every kind of crime on earth. But now, someone is using human bodies to manufacture narcotics. Someone – or something – not of this world. To the Alien that has arrived on earth, humans represent ideal drug factories because of our endorphins. To detective Caine, the Alien represents mankind’s worst threat. If the alien’s mission succeeds, our planet will be destroyed. Together with his straight-arrow FBI partner (Benben) and his girlfriend, the city coroner (Brantley), Caine is going to send this alien home in pieces!

Check out the test fight video in the embed above and join us in hoping that we won’t have to wait much longer to see I Come in Peace 2.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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