Matthias Hues announces a sequel to I Come in Peace/Dark Angel

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

I have had a strong appreciation for the 1990 sci-fi action thriller I COME IN PEACE, which is also known by the title DARK ANGEL in some territories and recently won a Face-Off battle with the sci-fi actioner SPLIT SECOND, ever since it first came out when I was a kid.

Directed by former stunt coordinator Craig R. Baxley from a screenplay by Jonathan Tydor and David Koepp (working under a pseudonym), the film starred Dolph Lundgren, Brian Benben, Betsy Brantley, and hulking pentathlon champion/martial artist Matthias Hues as a homicidal intergalactic drug dealer.

The synopsis: 

Detective Jack Caine (Lundgren) thought he’d dealt with every kind of crime on earth. But now, someone is using human bodies to manufacture narcotics. Someone – or something – not of this world. 

To the Alien that has arrived on earth, humans represent ideal drug factories because of our endorphins. To detective Caine, the Alien represents mankind’s worst threat. If the alien’s mission succeeds, our planet will be destroyed. Together with his straight-arrow FBI partner (Benben) and his girlfriend, the city coroner (Brantley), Caine is going to send this alien home in pieces!

Given that twenty-six years have passed since the release of the film, you might have resigned yourself to the idea that I COME IN PEACE was a one and done property, but Hues has recently taken to his social media accounts to announce that a sequel is finally in the works.

Hues says: 

Why do things take two decades to happen? I want to think it’s to bring the barrel to to the boil and have it explode as it starts to spill over! Too many fans have asked for it. I have done more than 30 films and no matter where I go in the world, it’s always “Hey Dude, I come in Peace!’ I have gotten so used to hearing it, that it will feel so natural to start saying it again. (Or perhaps something else that two decades from now another generation will shout after me when i walk down the streets or some dark alley!) We start this year! So I need to start warming up my legs, because I remember there was a lot of running and jumping! 


Sincerely, Matthias Hues”

No details have been revealed beyond the involvement of Hues, and while this sequel is coming along too late to pick up on Rio-bound open ending of the original, here’s hoping that Lundgren, Benben, and Brantley will also be coming back to try to thwart his murderous alien once again.

Source: Facebook, ImpactOnline

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