Interview: Larry Fessenden and Alex Hurt Howl About Their Werewolf Film: Blackout

We interview Larry Fessenden and Alex Hurt about their new werewolf horror film Blackout, available digitally on April 12th.

Last Updated on April 17, 2024

It’s been great to see the classic monsters returning in modern tales. From more Hollywood takes like Leigh Whannel’s The Invisible Man to the more indie darlings like The Angry Black Girl And Her Monster, the monsters have never been more relevant. And Larry Fessenden is no stranger to the world of monsters, having previously created his own iteration of Frankenstein’s Monster with Depraved as well as his own Wendigo film, aptly titled Wendigo. Now he’s taking on werewolf lore with his new film Blackout.

I was lucky enough to sit down with both Larry and the star of Blackout, Alex Hurt, to discuss the film. From the clear Lon Chaney influence to using alcoholism as a parallel for his transformation, this stands out from other modern werewolf tales. I was also fortunate enough to talk to Alex about the passing of his father, William, who was an absolute legend in the industry, and they were able to utilize via archive photos in this film. I really enjoyed my time with Blackout (and so did our critic Cody Hamman) so after you check out the interview above, make sure you check out the film. You won’t regret it.

Blackout plot synopsis:

Artist Charley Barret (Alex Hurt) has a tragic secret – he’s a werewolf responsible for a series of gruesome murders in an upstate New York town. Charley checks out of his motel and embarks on a personal odyssey to master his own fate. Sociopolitical themes are woven through Blackout, a gripping lycanthropian horror that fulfills acclaimed writer/director Larry Fessenden’s monster triptych of vampire drama HABIT (1997) and Frankenstein variation DEPRAVED (2019).



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