Jason Blum would want his Friday the 13th reboot to be overseen by James Wan

Jason Blum has had great success of newer mid-budget horror franchises, but the producer would love to get the rights for the classic slasher with his partner James Wan getting involved.

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

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Jason Blum and James Wan have carved out a nice little partnership with some successful mid-budget horror movies. The two have collaborated with their production companies, Blumhouse and Atomic Monster, for recent projects like the latest film in the Insidious series, which also had Patrick Wilson make his directorial debut, Insidious: The Red Door and the killer doll movie, M3GAN. Recently, it was revealed that Blum’s dream project is to revive the Friday the 13th franchise. The classic slasher series hasn’t released a film since the 2009 Platinum Dunes reboot.

The rights to Friday the 13th are currently tangled up with director Sean Cunningham and writer Victor Miller disputing who has the rightful possession, but Blum is brainstorming a way to usher in the new series if he’s able to acquire the property. Collider asked Blum what movie he’d greenlight right now if he could and he answered, Friday the 13th is what I would do. It’s not a Blumhouse project, but I’m trying to will it into being one. It’s just a piece of IP I’ve always loved.” And his horror movie business partner is who he’s set his sights on to oversee the reboot, “And James Wan and Atomic Monster are very passionate about it, and I think we would have them shepherd it for us. That would be a lot of fun.”

In addition to Blum expressing interest in the IP, Blumhouse producer Ryan Turek also shared his enthusiasm for snatching the hockey mask for their company, “Jason [Blum] and I are definitely in agreement that Friday the 13th is the thing we would love to get our hands on. I really want to go back to the basics. You don’t need too many ingredients for a Friday the 13th film. You need summer camp, you need campers, and you need Jason Vorhees in a mask.”

He added, “Listen, I’ve gone on the record saying Halloween is the ultimate slasher film for me. That’s my favorite slasher film of all time. But Friday the 13th as a franchise is one that I just bow down to. I just love everything about it. And if we were able to live in both worlds, like we do with Halloween, then to be able to live at Crystal Lake for a while would be so incredible.”

Source: Collider

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