Interview: DeWanda Wise, Jason Blum, Jeff Wadlow, and More Talk Imaginary

We talk with Jason Blum, Jeff Wadlow, DeWanda Wise, Taegen Burns, Pyper Braun, about their latest, Imaginary

In the latest from Blumhouse, evil has found a new home in a cute little teddy bear. Imaginary tells the story of Jessica who returns to her childhood home with her family. Things don’t go so well when they discover a sweet old teddy bear, locked away in a secret door. What’s up with this scary bear? I won’t spoil it here. The Jeff Wadlow-directed feature stars DeWanda Wise, Taegen Burns, Pyper Braun, Tom Payne, and Betty Buckley. And now you can discover the secrets of this frightful childhood toy.

We sat down with the fine folks behind this new fright flick. First came the family, as we chatted with the lovely and talented DeWanda Wise as well as Taegen Burns and Pyper Braun. For Wise, she talked about taking on the lead in a Blumhouse thriller. She opened up about working with Jeff Wadlow, and dealing with childhood fears. As for Taegen and Pyper, the two were a joy to speak with. Braun is a delightful interview, as is her terrific co-star, Braun. The two talked about working with Jeff and childhood fears.

We then spoke with Jason Blum and Jeff Wadlow. I’ve spoken to Mr. Blum on several occasions, and it’s always a pleasure. And frankly, the same can be said about Mr. Wadlow. Jason discussed how films like Imaginary are perhaps shaping Blumhouse. Wadlow talked about bringing childhood fears to life, and finding the right family to scare. It was terrific chatting frights with this crew. And if you would like to check out Imaginary, you can get a look at Chauncey the Bear. Be cautious of that little fella. Imaginary is now open. Read our review here!

As mentioned, Imaginary shows us what happens when Jessica, who moves back into her childhood home with her family, and her youngest stepdaughter Alice develops an eerie attachment to a stuffed bear named Chauncey. Alice starts playing games with Chauncey that become increasingly sinister. As Alice’s behavior becomes more concerning, Jessica intervenes, only to realize Chauncey is much more than the stuffed toy bear she believes him to be.


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