John Carpenter confirms Robert Rodriguez will direct Escape from New York

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

It was only last night that we brought you word that SIN CITY/ GRINDHOUSE director Robert Rodriguez MAY be directing FOX'S remake of the John Carpenter classic ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. This morning we bring you word that this is in fact been confirmed by none other than John Carpenter himself.

Carpenter took to Twitter last night and let everyone know that, yes, Rodriguez will be directing the remake, and yes, Carpenter is very excited about it. Here is the tweet in case you don't believe me:

There you have it. I'm sold. If Carpenter is behind Robert Rodriguez as director, then I am nothing but on board as well. Like I've said before I was a big Rodriguez fan for many, many years. And it's not like I'm not a fan nowadays, just after a few of those last few SPY KIDS and LAVA SHARK SHORTS, I'm a little… meh.

But the hell with all that now. Rodriguez is directing ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. Carpenter is excited about it. And I am all good. Now bring on the movie!

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Source: Twitter

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