Top 10 Sexiest Horror Films!

Last Updated on August 3, 2021

Ahead of the ever-erotic and hallucinatory Gaspar Noe’s sexy new horror/thriller CLIMAX, which opens in limited fashion March 1st, we thought it’d be fun to compile a list of what we think are the sexiest horror movies. Now, sexy is obviously a subjective term, and lord knows we’re not even touching the sexploitation sleaze of the Euro 70s scene (we hope to do a Top 10 sexploitation horror litany in the future), or even the overtly sexualized horror flicks that are not very good, a la NURSE 3D or PIRANHA 3DD. Now, what we’re trying to do here is highlight the best of the sexiest horror films, taking into account their overall qualitative merit rather than the cheap ability to induce a boner. This is by no means exhaustive, but simply preferential. These are our favorite Top 10 Sexiest Horror Flicks!


Picking up where Universal kind of pussied-out back in 1942, the ever daring Paul Schrader made a mockery of the Production Code strictures that hampered Jacques Tourneur’s original, and brazenly turned up the adaptive heat with as much raw sexualized animal magnetism this side of a goddamn John Holmes flick. Nastassja Kinski stars as a woman of empowerment who discovers an unslakable lust buried deep within her repressed desires. Look, in a recent roundtable for his terrific new film FIRST REFORMED, Schrader shared a note he received regarding the ending of the film, which he altered when coming up with: “instead of the guy shooting the monster. What if he f*cks it and puts in a cage and builds a shrine to it.” To which the great Eric Roth quipped: “perfect!” GET HERE


Sorry guys and gals, but we had to fit a De Palma flick in here somewhere, even if it means sacrificing the lesbianic roll-around of JENNIFER’S BODY (which almost made the cut, but is still depicted above). And while we almost went with DRESSED TO KILL, almost solely for Angie Dickinson, we think depicting Michael Caine as trans-character as a psycho-killer is too much of a turn off. And so, wow, De Palma’s BODY DOUBLE is not only one of the sexiest horror films of all, it’s also one of the deliberately sleazy, as De Palma is always looking to push the boundaries of elicitation that his idol Hitchcock could not get away with. Melanie Griffith oozes sex-appeal in BODY DOUBLE as she evades a sexually repressed maniac who overcompensates by killing woman with a gigantic drill! GET HERE


Jus stop. Cher. Sarandon. Pfeiffer. Any one of those woman in their halcyon days would be the object of every man’s desire, but when you combine all three and introduce a devilishly debonair playboy to the exponential power of three, these powerful women become no object at all, but rather an impervious force of supernatural witchery. Nicholson himself is a sexual icon of the 70s, and he brings such a charming bravado and confident swagger that it’s hard to predict what befalls him in the film. His sex appeal is overmatched by the trio of witchy women he beds, but it’s the power dynamics of who’s controlling who that pays off with a mordantly horrifying denouement. GET HERE


First a quick shout-out to Chan-wook Park’s wildly underrated and highly sexualized 2013 thriller STOKER. Loved that shite! Now onto easily his most overtly sexy tale of vamped out vampirism, the 2009 release of THIRST, the story of which centers on a priest (Kang-ho Song) working in a South Korean hospital. When the priest undergoes a dangerously radical vaccine, he’s only saved by the antidote of a vampire blood transfusion. When the priest regains his strength, he has more than a taste for human blood on his mind. He has carnal cravings that extend beyond the flesh, setting up a wickedly lewd exchange between he and Tae-ju (Ok-bin Kim), a young minx with her own perverse agenda. GET HERE


While we wanted to give love to David Lynch’s MULHOLLAND DRIVE for its abject Sapphic sexiness, we feel BLUE VELVET is slightly more of a horror film. Besides, we needed a little psychosexual perversion to spice things up in this here bedroom anyway, right? Well, color me disturbed all you want, but the scene in which Dorothy (Isabella Rossellini) catches Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachlan) spying on her through her closet door as she undresses, only to completely turn the tables of control on him by verbally berating him, jabbing a knife in his face, and forcing him to strip nude so she can see him as he’s seen her. Then, in the middle, both get turned on by the perverted dynamic, and frankly, so do I every time I watch it. Sordid, taboo, titillating and downright sexy! GET HERE


As we salute the late great Nicolas Roeg with an eternal RIP, we do so with nothing but genuine love for his virile Venetian horror salvo DON’T LOOK NOW, which has long been on rumored to feature an un-simulated sex scene between stars Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. Sutherland has denied the rumors for decades, but come on, as a European 70s horror flick set in of the most romantic cities in the world, I wouldn’t put it past them for a second. Even still, whether the sex scene is real or not, there’s an air of sensuality wafting across the whole film, be it Julie Christie’s sexy dalliances or Sutherland’s casually nude hangouts. Sleek, striking, and sexily searing! GET HERE


Never mind Portman beating off with her mother asleep in the corner (shout-out Barbara Hershey), the whole of Darren Aronofsky’s BLACK SWAN is imbued with a sheen of sleek sensuality and overt sexuality in damn near every frame. Of course, it is the unparalleled sex-scene between Portman and Mila Kunis that catapults the flick into the upper-echelon of all time sexy horror flicks, and rightly so, but let’s not discount how sensually alluring the dance numbers and gracefully balletic body contortions are in between the horrific outbursts. Hell, even Vin Cassel brings his own sense of unique sexuality to the party, with Aronofsky playing to both high-art (ballet) and low-brow (sleaze) stylings en route to pumping out one of the most explosive horror film climaxes. GET HERE


I find zero coincidence in the fact that Susan Sarandon – who seriously grows sexier by the year even into her 70s – appears in two of our favorite Top 10 sexiest horror flicks. Thing is, Sarandon is such a phenomenal actress, that the her role in WITCHES OF EASTWCK could not be more diametrically opposed to her role in THE HUNGER, the late great Tony Scott’s carnally-charged directorial debut. The sexual androgyny of David Bowie certainly heats up the proceedings, but it’s the searingly Sapphic sex-scene between Sarandon and French royalty Catherin Deneuve that easily makes THE HUNGER one of the sexiest horror films of all time. Sexy, scary, bloody and bold! GET HERE


Leave it to one of the most decorated filmmakers of all time – Francis Ford Coppola – to achieve both an elegant romance as well as bawdily sexualized perversion of such in his adaptation of the long-celebrated BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA. One hand, we have Gary Oldman suavely seducing every fair maiden in the courtyard, and on the other we’re treated to steamy ménage-a-quarte in which Keanu rolls around in the sack with a trio of hot Victorian lookers. Not satisfied? Well, all your bestiality needs are served as well, as seen in the gnarly sequence in which a savage werewolf beast lustily goes down on Lucy. GET HERE


Is there a sexier color in the world than Scarlett? Indeed, quite arguably the sexiest actress working today went balls deep in her dedication to realizing her magnetic character in UNDER THE SKIN, a drop dead gorgeous extraterrestrial seductress cruising the streets of Scotland in search for the perfect mate. I f*cking love this movie, and particularly adore the freakily surreal ways in which Scarlett lures unsuspecting men into her clutch like a Venus flytrap, teasing and taunting their wildest desires until, once determining they do not make the grade, she dispatches them in the most bizarrely unnerving ways. UNDER THE SKIN is one of my Top 5 favorite horror flicks to come out in the last half-decade! GET HERE

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