Marvel Zombies animated series centers on Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan

Iman Vellani has revealed that her Ms. Marvel / The Marvels character Kamala Khan is at the center of the upcoming Marvel Zombies series

Back in 2005, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman put a superhero twist on the idea of zombie outbreaks with the five issue limited series Marvel Zombies. That series became incredibly popular and has gotten a ton of sequels and spin-offs over the years. There was a nod to it in one of the illusions on display in Spider-Man: Far from Home, and then the Marvel Zombies concept got an entire episode of Marvel’s animated Disney+ series What If…? devoted to it. That episode is leading to a full Marvel Zombies animated series, which will be rated TV-MA and is set to reach Disney+ sometime in the near future. During an interview with The Direct, Iman Vellani revealed that not only does she vocally reprise the role of her Ms. Marvel and The Marvels character Kamala Khan in Marvel Zombies, but her character also happens to be “kind of the center of the show”!

Vellani said, “We’ve done the whole thing. It was amazing. It was so much fun. And I love—there are a lot of cool characters in the Marvel Zombies show. And Kamala is kind of the center of the show. They described it to me, it’s like, ‘She’s basically the Frodo of the story.’ And I was like, ‘That’s amazing.’ And I get to interact and meet all these people along her journey. And, yes, they’re only the voices, and I don’t get to hear their voices in real-time. But just, it’s my fantasies, right? Like, knowing Kamala is going to interact with some really cool people, even if it’s just animation, is so special in a lot of ways.

For an idea of who Kamala might be interacting with, we turn to SuperHeroHype, where they offer a list of characters that will be seen on the show: Ms. Marvel, Yelena Belova, Kate Bishop, Jimmy Woo, Shang-Chi, Death Dealer, Red Guardian, and Katy Chen will all join together to fight off the undead in the series, while zombified versions of Hawkeye, Abomination, Ghost, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Okoye, and Ikaris will also appear.

Ms. Marvel and Red Guardian teaming up on Marvel Zombies could be what inspired Vellani’s recent mention of “seeing Kamala and like the Red Guardian together” as something fans might enjoy.

I really enjoyed Ms. Marvel and look forward to seeing Kamala again in The Marvels (no, I haven’t had the chance to see it yet, so I’m one small part of that movie’s box office problem). I’m glad to hear she’ll be at the center of Marvel Zombies.

Are you interested in Marvel Zombies? What do you think of Ms. Marvel / Kamala Khan being at the center of the action? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: The Direct, SuperHeroHype

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