1..2..3..4!! Check out four new unreleased Sex Bob-Omb tracks!

With two full soundtracks and a motherf*cker of a Blu-ray, you'd think you've seen and heard all there is to see and hear on SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD. Not quite. Four unreleased Sex Bob-Omb songs have made their way onto the web this morning.

All four songs are written by Beck though only one, "Indefatigable," is actually performed by the members of Sex Bob-Omb. They're all very Sex Bob-Omb-esque, almost to a fault. "Indefatigable" has a guitar riff reminiscent of "Threshold" while "Gasoline Eyes" is basically a peppier version of "Garbage Truck."

UPDATE - We were told by a well-informed source (ahem) that the latter two songs were never intended for SCOTT PILGRIM and the first two tracks do actually appear, albeit briefly, in the film itself.

That said, it's amazing to hear how much Beck put into making music for this movie. They all have a great, low-fi/garage rock feel to them and don't just sound like Beck songs (though they do have some distinct Beck undertones). Take a listen to each of the tracks below and let me know what you think!

Sex Bob-Omb - "Indefatigable"

Beck - "No Fun"

Beck - "Disgusting Rainbow"

Beck - "Gasoline Eyes"

Extra Tidbit: The DJ intro on the third track is actually Beck collaborator Brian LeBarton who worked on the soundtrack.



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