8-Bit video game characters attack NYC summer 2013


Sony Pictures has just set a release date of May 17th, 2013 for PIXELS, a feature length film by Patrick Jean based on his own short film.

PIXELS hit the web in April 2010 and amassed a huge amount of views from people enamored with its vision of New York City being attacked by 80s video game characters, everything from Space Invaders to Donkey Kong. It drew in over a million views in 24 hours, and Adam Sandler's production company Happy Madison soon approached Jean to develop it into a feature.

They've got the idea of turning it into a comedy (yes, another Happy Gilmore comedy...) that sees the video game characters going berzerk in New York City. Be interesting to see if they can get all the licenses they need for this. 

May 17th was supposed to be the date that Roland Emmerich's SINGULARITY was released but it's going through a rewrite and will be hitting later in 2013. For now, check out the short that started it all.

Source: Sony Pictures



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