A December 2022 release for Aquaman 2 has bubbled to the surface

Aquaman, Aquaman 2, Jason Momoa

My man! Warner Bros. has announced that AQUAMAN 2 plans to invite fans of the record-breaking franchise back into the water for a December 16, 2022 swimdate.

While it’s still early days for the sequel, it’s been reported that AQUAMAN director James Wan and David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick are set to pen the follow-up to Wan’s $1.1 billion dollar-grossing original. It has also been confirmed that Wan and Peter Sanfran will produce.

As a part of the WB’s plan to go big or go home with everyone’s favorite aquatic avenger, the studio is also developing a modestly-budgeted spinoff featuring the AQUAMAN creatures with razor-sharp teeth titled THE TRENCH. The project is said to take place in the Kingdom of the Trench and will not feature the main cast of AQUAMAN. As the story goes, the Trench were actually part of the Kingdom of Atlantis but were then segregated from their kin after Atlantis was destroyed. Rather than rise from the ocean floor like a mighty water phoenix, the Trench evolved into the psychotic monsters featured in Wan’s blockbuster smash. Furthermore, THE TRENCH spinoff will reportedly not be framed as a straight-up superhero spectacle, but rather a horror film on the high seas.

As for AQUAMAN 2, the film’s fine and fishy lead, Jason Momoa, is expected to reprise his role as Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. Unfortunately, we’ve not received any word about Wan returning to helm the sequel, so keep your fins crossed, okay?



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