A Die Hard Christmas book is coming to make your life merry

Better make room on your Christmas list this year, because a special holiday treat is coming that’s gonna make you scream “Yippie-ka-yay!”

DIE HARD, one of the most seminal Christmas classics of all time, is getting the version you didn’t know you needed (but definitely do need) in the form of a wonderful children's-style book. Sporting the art and text of any regular kid’s book, A DIE HARD CHRISTMAS: THE ILLUSTRATED HOLIDAY CLASSIC, is a collaboration of comedian Doogie Horner and artist J.J. Horner, who mix the action-packed script of the movie with colorful, Christmas cheer. It doesn’t use the exact dialogue from the script in its entirety, but goes through the plot by appropriating the famous Christmas poem – “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”

Take a look at some of the pages below, featuring an adorable Bruce Willis (as John McClane) and Alan Rickman (as Hans Gruber)

Running at 32 pages, the book hits all the major beats and contains plenty of the movie’s violence. It may not be suitable for young kids, but it’s the best to show them the magic of DIE HARD without showing them the entire R-rated flick. The book will be available this October, and soon you make it a reading tradition for you and any youngsters in your household. I want to have kids simply so I can read them A DIE HARD CHRISTMAS. If they end up being vulgar, desensitized kids then at least we spent time together as a family.

Source: Nerdist



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