A live-action Play-Doh film from Paul Feig is in the works; my brain hurts

No, you’re not seeing things and as far as we know it's not still April Fools Day; the latest toy/brand/crumpled piece of newspaper to get the feature film treatment will be none other than that beloved childhood ball of coloured dough: Play-Doh. Deadline is reporting that 20th Century Fox is currently making a deal with Hasbro to bring about a live-action film based upon the toy brand. I'll give you a few moments to collect yourselves and then we'll move on.

Still with us? Good, lets continue. Deadline also reports that SPY director Paul Feig is in talks to direct the film from a script to be written by Jason Micallef. Paul Feig is certainly not the name I expected to see attached to this project; maybe he knows something we don't.

As I prepared to launch into a lengthy tirade about how Hollywood is completely out of ideas I recalled the last time I felt this way; THE LEGO MOVIE had just been announced and I was convinced that was it for Hollywood, they'd officially scraped the bottom of the barrel. Much to my surprise THE LEGO MOVIE was a wonderful film which fully realized the pure creativity that LEGO represents; so as much as I'd like to throw my hands up in the air, I feel as though I should at least wait and see what they have in mind and keep my fingers crossed that they can capture that same LEGO MOVIE magic.

Paul Feig's next film, SPY, opens in theaters June 5, 2015. Now if you'll excuse me...I'm off to smell some Play-Doh.

Source: Deadline



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