A Nymphomaniac boards the ever growing cast of Independence Day 2

The cast of INDEPENENCE DAY 2 is growing as THR has reported that NYMPHOMANIAC star Charlotte Gainsbourg is in talks to join the sci-fi action flick. Gainsbourg has appeared in three of Danish director Lars von Trier’s films; ANTICHRIST, MELANCHOLIA, and NYMPHOMANIAC, but I’m a bit more familiar with her work in 21 GRAMS and THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP.

Joining the cast of INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 would be quite the departure from her usual roles, but everyone deserves to take some time out and have a little fun thwarting alien invasions.

Charlotte Gainsbourg would join the previously announced Jessie User, who will star in the film as the step-son of Will Smith's character and who I'm sure will punch an alien in the face at some point because references. Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth are also confirmed for the sequel, which will be helmed by returning director Roland Emmerich. Filming is set to get underway this summer and INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 will be hitting theaters on June 24th, 2016, almost exactly 20 years after the original.

If they must make a sequel, and obviously they are, the only cast-member I really wanted to return was Jeff Goldblum, Seeing as how he's signed on I'm sure I'll find myself in the theater next year, like a sucker.

Beside Goldblum, are there any other classic ID4 characters you'd like to see make a return?

Source: THR



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