ABC's new president says she's interested in a reboot of Lost

Before lighting up the stage at today's TCA presentation, ABC execs treated those in attendance to a montage video of some of the network's hottest properties. According to Deadline, who was in attendance at today's conference, the clip opened with a pivotal scene from the third season finale of LOST, wherein Matthew Fox's Jack tells Evangeline Lilly’s Kate that they need to return to the island.

Curious about ABC's choice to kick the video off with a scene from one of the network's most beloved series of all time, Deadline asked if we should be taking that as a sign of things to come. It was then that newly-crowned ABC chief Karey Burke replied, "you should." After what I imagine was a collective gasp from the sea of reporters attending the event, Burke added, “I would like that very much; that’s a reboot I would be interested in seeing.”

Now, before you start ramping up your cardio routine so as to stand a better chance of running from LOST's ever-elusive Smoke Monster, it's important to note that Burke has yet to speak with LOST creators J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber about reviving the phenom that captured the imaginations of millions between September of 2004 to May 2010.

As excited as some might be for a potential reboot of LOST, I should probably mention to you that, last year, showrunner Carlton Cuse stated that he and Lindelof have remained fairly "adamant" about the story they told being the definitive LOST experience. However, Cuse also admitted that if someone were to come to him with a fresh idea for the property, he would consider it. That being said, he would want the reboot (or whatever) to feature a new cast of characters, with the intention of telling original stories within the Lostverse.

What say you Losties? Do you think it's been long enough to start thinking about rebooting LOST or should ABC look to introduce more new and original ideas to their network? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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