Al Pacino to play aging rock star, already has the aging part down

It kills me to say this but Al Pacino hasn't had a good film role in years. He's been great in TV movies but lately it's been 88 MINUTES, RIGHTEOUS KILL and the upcoming THE SON OF NO ONE (which saw numerous walk-outs at Sundance). That could change as Pacino is in talks to star in his first studio film since OCEAN'S 13.

Pacino is in talks to star in IMAGINE for Warner Bros., where he'd play an aging rock star, in the mold of Bruce Springsteen or Keith Richards (which judging from the photo to the right, isn't that far off), who learns he has an adult son he never knew (he learns this via a letter from John Lennon and I'm not sure how this narrative device works in the film).

Steve Carell was once attached to star as the son but has since dropped out of the film (he will remain on-board as a producer). The film is another dramedy from Dan Fogelman who wrote CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE and MY MOTHER'S CURSE (with Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand starring). This film would mark Fogelman's directorial debut.

Pacino is currently attached to star in GOTTI, the John Gotti biopic and would move to IMAGINE after wrapping that film.

Source: Variety



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