Alicia Silverstone vampire flick VAMPS gets the DTV treatment

Well, for those expecting to see a big-screen reunion of Alicia Silverstone with her CLUELESS director Amy Heckerling, you'll have to do it from the comfort of your own home instead.  VAMPS, the vampire comedy from the duo is now set to debut on Blu-ray/DVD in November, rather than taking a crack at the ol' box office.  Silverstone is joined by castmembers Krystan Ritter, Sigourney Weaver, Malcolm McDowell, Richard Lewis, Wallace Shawn, and Marilu Henner.

I'm not really that surprised, but at the same time was very curious to see if VAMPS would be able to recapture the tone and spirit of CLUELESS, which I rather enjoyed.  Granted, I had a major crush on Silverstone at the time.  She's since kind of disappeared into animal activism, veganism, and environmental causes (not to mention a foray into premastication), but has managed to sneak into a few indies and broadway plays here and there.

No trailer for the film yet, but here's a helping of images to tide you over:

Here's the synopsis:

Goody (Silverstone) and Stacy (Krysten Ritter) are addicted to the night life, clubbing, hooking up and always looking for the next thrill, all the while keeping a big a secret-they happen to be modern-day vampires. But even with lifetimes of dating experience behind them, the duo realizes they still have a lot to learn about love when Stacy unexpectedly falls for the son of a vampire hunter, and Goody runs into the man of her dreams from decades earlier. With their destinies at stake, the girls are faced with a difficult choice; give up their eternal youth for a chance at love, or continue to live their uncomplicated fabulously single lives forever.

VAMPS hits blu-ray/DVD on November 13, 2012.

Uh, yeah, about that premastication stuff...


Extra Tidbit: Let me get out my political correctness now and say that blah, blah, blah, everybody can do whatever the hell they want, blah, blah, blah, but, dude...premastication? Weird, man. Just...weird.



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