Alistair Smythe's name gets dropped in The Daily Bugle

Remember when we found out that B.J. Novak would be taking on the role of Alistair Smythe? It seems that the ball is rolling rather quick on the backstory involving Alistair and his father, Spencer.

The Daily Bugle blog reports that Spencer Smythe has already gotten into trouble for his shady practices. That said, Alistair has now moved into his father’s position at Oscorp as Director of Robotics. For those who aren’t following the blog, I’m wondering if it will matter when it comes to the character’s storyline in the movie. Is this something they will mention? Or something that they assume the viewer will already know?

I must say, I like the last little snarky line.

February 11, 2014

By Ken Ellis

Within a week of the announcement that the NYPD and the District Attorney’s Office had opened an investigation into illegal activities and questionable medical practices at Manhattan’s Oscorp Industries, sources indicate several of their top scientists have been asked to leave.

Reports cite the recent forced resignation of Dr. Spencer Smythe, the Director of Robotics, amongst others. He was seen leaving Oscorp Tower yesterday with a box of his personal belongings.

When asked to comment on the current employment situation of Dr. Smythe, Oscorp spokesman Donald Menken had no comment. Later in the day, Oscorp sent out a press release congratulating Alistair Smythe on his promotion to the Director of Robotics formerly held by his father. How Mrs. Smythe expects this will impact holiday dinners remains unknown.

Source: The Daily Bugle



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