Dane DeHaan reveals that he was bombarded with appearance rumor questions before the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home

While villains came back for the third Tom Holland installment, the secrecy of the multiverse would confuse DeHaan as he encountered rumors.

dane dehaan, spider-man: no way home

In the time leading up to the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, it was known that Marvel Studios would be exploring the possibilities of the multiverse. After the casting news of actors like Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina returning to reprise their roles as former Spider-Man villains, many fans went into further speculation about who else may show up. While the studio had done a pretty bang-up job of keeping the secret of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield sealed, there was a certain leaked picture of Garfield on the set, which led to a debate of its validity as it threw fuel onto the speculation fires.

However, the rumor mill would be overrun with theories about what characters may make an appearance in the 2021 film. One obvious candidate for a rumored return was Dane DeHaan, who portrayed Harry Osborne in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In that film, Osborne would complete his transformation into the Green Goblin in a finale that caused the death of Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, which ended up being addressed in No Way Home. According to ScreenRant, DeHaan revealed he was massively confused when he kept getting asked if there was any chance that he would be reprising his villainous character in the MCU film.

DeHaan explained,

I have no idea what’s going on over there. When Andrew was making the latest Spider-Man, I didn’t know it was happening, and people kept asking me like, ‘Are you in the Spider-Man movie?’ I was like, ‘What the f*** are you talking about?'”

While Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man run included a massive undertaking for his web slinger as he helped to take on Thanos and his forces in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, No Way Home would bring his character back to basics as it ended with Peter Parker now venturing into the future without the benefit of Tony Stark technology or help from any super friends. An MCU Spider-Man 4 is currently being developed with hopes for a fall production and the studio is throwing names around like Justin Lin and Drew Goddard for the next director to take over for Jon Watts.

Source: ScreenRant

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