Amber Heard being considered to don Red Sonja's chain mail bikini

We feature many good-looking females on the site here, but one that's drawn a considerable crowd over the past few months has been Amber Heard, the up and coming actress who keeps getting bigger and better roles. She's amassed many of us at JoBlo.com as devoted fans, so you might be interested in this latest bit of info.

Producer Avi Lerner let it slip to Empire that she's the latest actress being considered for the role:

“We’re talking to a few girls for the role of Sonja but we just finished a movie called Drive Angry with Amber Heard, and I want to see her. She’s my favourite for the role. Amber is the new Red Sonja… but she doesn’t know it yet! When you write it she’ll get the shock of her life! She’ll call me and say ‘How dare you talk to Empire before you talk to me?!’”

Now, it sounds like half a joke there, but I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be more than loose talk. This project has been in the works forever, and it should lock down a lead soon or face fading into obscurity. In the same article, it's said that Simon West (TOMB RAIDER, CON AIR) is circling to direct.

Do you think Amber Heard would be right for the part? Can she kick ass in a metal bikini? I'm not sure, but I'd definitely like to see her try.  

Extra Tidbit: Sorry Christina Hendricks fans, but I think there was just too much jiggling for that pick to work.
Source: Empire



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