AMC hosting a 24-hour marathon of all eight Best Picture nominees

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If you haven’t seen all the Best Picture nominees yet, what are you waiting for? The Oscars are a month away and pub trivia night needs you to be on top of all things movie related. Fortunately, the AMC theater chain has revealed plans for its annual Best Picture Showcase, a marathon screening event of all the Best Picture nominees. Prepare to create an ass groove the likes you’ve never seen.

Luckily there is a sane option where you can either split the eight films over two consecutive Saturdays, or go crazy and attempt to see all eight of them in one epic 20-hour sit. I would take the split, and hope that after watching WHIPLASH and SELMA in the same day that your legs don’t give out on you.

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AMC will show THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, WHIPLASH, BIRDMAN, and SELMA on Saturday, February 14 and BOYHOOD, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, THE IMITATION GAME, and AMERICAN SNIPER on Saturday, February 21. Tickets for a single day cost $35 each, or you can save $5 by buying tickets for both.

The eight-film option takes place on Saturday, February 21. The day kicks off with BOYHOOD at 10 AM, and ends around 5:30 AM after THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. It's almost like a dare isn’t it? The best kind of dare though. So far only a few theaters across the country have confirmed the all-day marathon right now, if you want to bring it to your local AMC, the screening will be set once 100 tickets are reserved. So tell your friends! For tickets and more information, check the AMC website.

If you have yet to see any or most of these, I would say this is a great opportunity. If you just see two of these movies though, see BOYHOOD and WHIPLASH.

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