Amy Adams has been offered the role of Clint Eastwood's daughter for Trouble With The Curve

After Sandra Bullock passed on the chance to play Clint Eastwood's daughter in TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE, the studio looked to Amy Adams and Reese Witherspoon as possible candidates.

Well guess what? Witherspoon lost out. Adams has been extended the offer to play the role in the film. Will she take it? Let's hope so. Witherspoon is okay but Adams is the bees knees. Yes, I went so far as to use the phrase "bees knees". She's just so adorable that she causes my frame of mind to go into the land of gum drops and unicorns. Maybe not after a viewing of CRUEL INTENTIONS 2...

The story centers on, "an aging baseball scout who's losing his sight and decides to take a road trip to Atlanta with his daughter to check out a hot prospect."

There's only one problem with offering the part to Adams. Apparently her schedule is pretty full so unless she can make some time to do this the part might go to the runner-up.

Source: Variety



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