Any hope for a Green Hornet sequel can now be squashed

The Green Hornet pic 1

I thought that THE GREEN HORNET was a really fun movie, a factor that seems to be missing from a fair amount of movies these days. Just two guys up on screen, having a ball, working on something they're passionate about.  But despite the moderate success (financially and critically) of THE GREEN HORNET, Seth Rogan and Jay Chou won't get the chance to replicate that fun and success as producer Neal Moritz has formally said "nay." 

Not that there was much hope to begin with, but in an interview regarding his newest movie (21 JUMP STREET) Moritz explained: "the movie did almost $250 million and was actually very well liked, but we made the movie for too much money. One, we made it in L.A. for certain reasons, and two, we decided to go to 3D -- that added another $10 million. If I had done it in a tax-rebate state and not done 3D, it would have been considered a huge financial success for the studio. So we're not making a sequel right now."

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And really, if they don't make a sequel now it's not going to happen.  Unlike the Fast and Furious franchise, about which Moritz said he would "love to make them forever."  I hope this means we get a zombie version at some point once the main actors die.  But it'd have to be the more recent kind of fast zombie, because nobody wants to see a movie called TOO DEAD TOO SLOW.

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Extra Tidbit: Back in 2001, there was going to be a version of THE GREEN HORNET directed by Kevin Smith which starred Jake Gyllenhaal and a female Kato.



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