Aquaman's James Wan once pitched a Blade reboot

After spending years in the realm of creepy dolls and creaking houses director James Wan is getting ready to unleash his first comic book movie with AQUAMAN next week. Though this is his first venture into the comic book world the director revealed he had meetings about others in the past, saying how at one point he pitched an idea for a reboot for the vampire-slaying character Blade.

Wan has spent the last few years working on a ton of projects, including expanding the CONJURING universe of films, the seventh FAST AND FURIOUS movie in 2015 and most recently the superhero epic AQUAMAN. But before the first CONJURING in 2013 he was simply taking it horror by horror movie, but after that movie became a massive hit he was sought out for bigger projects, and he recalled on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that it was around that time he pitched the idea of a new Blade movie.

“Years back, a couple of years back, I think it was right after Conjuring 1 that I went into a particular studio and told them ‘Hey, I’m a big fan of Blade. Would you guys be interested in rebooting Blade?’ So that was one. Obviously, nothing came out of that! But that was my first intro into looking at potential comic book properties.”

This was around five years ago, and though Wan would probably still love to bring Blade back into theaters, the director can’t quite remember what his idea for a new Blade movie would be. Surely none of us still have our great ideas from five years bookmarked in the ol’ noggin.

It was just to kind of talk about it. I didn’t have a full presentation. I did have an idea, I can’t quite remember what it was. That’s how far back it was and I’ve done a lot since then so I can’t quite remember what I had thought of. But I did like it at the time.”

The first BLADE came out in 1998 from director Stephen Norrington and starring Wesley Snipes, and along with X-MEN and SPIDER-MAN a few years later ushered in the era of successful comic book movies that proceeded this current Golden Age. What followed were two sequels, the third entry, BLADE TRINITY in 2004 being that last time the character was seen on the big screen. Talks of reboots have happened, but nothing has materialized, even though Snipes is more than open to reprising the role. Who knows, maybe if AQUAMAN is a hit Marvel will poach him for a reboot of the character in the MCU. Anything is possible in this ever-growing world of comic book flicks. 

AQUAMAN is in theaters December 21.




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