Arnold Schwarzenegger gives an update on The Legend of Conan

With the future of the TERMINATOR franchise not looking particularly bright these days, Arnold Schwarzenegger is keen to revisit another one of his classic characters, Conan the Barbarian. Another Conan sequel has been teased for years but it seems that the project is finally moving forward. The Arnold Fans were on-hand during an an “Experience with Arnold Schwarzenegger" event recently, and the actor gave an update regarding the future of THE LEGEND OF CONAN, although Schwarzenegger is now referring to it by another title.

Conan the Conqueror, where I’m sitting on the throne for years and years - decades, and then all of the sudden, the time comes when they want to overthrow me. So that story WILL be told and that movie WILL be done.

Arnold Schwarzenegger went on to say that the script for the film has indeed been written and that they're in the process of looking for a director to tackle the project. Even though THE LEGEND OF CONAN seems to be picking up steam, by the time production kicks off Arnold Schwarzenegger will be quickly approaching 70. However, if you were worried that his age would keep Schwarzenegger from kicking butt as Conan, fear not.

One of the advantages for when you train every day, when you bicycle everyday, when you work out every day is that age is not registering in the body the same with everyone else. Because when you stay in shape, you do turn back the clock. So I feel great and the last few movies that I’ve done, I’ve done many of my own stunts. I did all the physical stuff and it didn’t wipe me out and I have plenty of energy and feel really terrific. So I am absolutely convinced that I can do the Conan movie and do the horseback riding, the sword fights and all the fighting.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's next film will be 478, a revenge-thriller in which Arnold will play Viktor, a man whose wife and child die in a plane crash which was caused by an air traffic controller's tragic screw up. The air traffic controller is vilified for his mistake and as a result, has to be placed into protective custody. But Viktor cannot let it go, and is determined to seek vengeance.

Source: The Arnold Fans



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