Arnold Schwarzenegger will play a grieving father out for revenge in 478

While Arnold Schwarzenegger is out doing all he can to market TERMINATOR: GENISYS, the actor is also busy lining up more projects to follow-up his return to the Terminator franchise. Deadline reports that Schwarzenegger is set to star in 478, a character driven revenge flick which has been scripted by Javier Gullon.

In 478, Arnold Schwarzenegger will play a man whose wife and child die in a plane crash in a tragedy which was caused by an air traffic controller's tragic screw up. The air traffic controller is vilified for his mistake and as a result, has to be placed into protective custody. As Arnold isn't known as someone who lets a little thing like protective custody stop him, he sets out more determined than ever to seek vengeance on behalf of his family.

This sounds like standard revenge fare but apparently it will be a much more subtle character piece akin to MAGGIE as opposed to the shoot-em-up blockbusters we usually associate with Schwarzenegger. Screenwriter Javier Gullon is best known as the writer behind the Denis Villeneuve film ENEMY, which gives us another indication that 478 could be quite different from what we're expecting. There's no director attached at the moment but production could start on the film as soon as this fall.

Source: Deadline



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