Guy Ritchie is returning to the world of British Aristocracy for his latest film, Wife and Dog

Guy Ritchie is partnering with Black Bear to bring his newly-announced film project, Wife and Dog, to the Cannes Film market.

Wife and Dog, Guy Ritchie

While in the middle of filming his latest mystery film, Fountain of Youth, Guy Ritchie is revealing another film project, Wife and Dog. Ritchie’s 18th feature hails from Black Bear, who launches Wife and Dog at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival event. Plot details about Wife and Dog remain a mystery, though Variety hears Ritchie is returning to the shady world of British Aristocracy for this anticipated feature. Cameras roll for Wife and Dog in October, with top-tier Hollywood actors negotiating for starring roles.

Like many of Ritchie’s film projects, he’s writing the screenplay and producing alongside his production partner, Ivan Atkinson, and Black Bear’s John Friedberg. Teddy Schwarzman and Michael Heimler of Black Bear executive produce.

As Cannes revs up for another competitive year, Ritchie is rolling cameras for Fountain of Youth, a mystery written by James Vanderbilt (ZodiacScreamBasic), starring Eiza González (The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, 3 Body Problem), Natalie Portman (AnnihilationLucy in the Sky), John Krasinski (A Quiet PlaceJack RyanThe Office), Domhnall Gleeson (Ex MachinaAnna Karenina), Laz Alonso (AvatarJarhead), and Carmen Ejogo (SelmaIt Comes at Night). Ritchie directs Fountain of Youth, focusing on two estranged siblings who join forces to seek the legendary Fountain of Youth. Using historical clues, they embark on an epic quest filled with adventure. If successful, the mythical fountain could grant them immortality.

Another of Ritchie’s film projects, In the Grey, is in post-production. The action film stars Eiza González (The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, 3 Body Problem), Henry Cavill (The WitcherArgylle), Jake Gyllenhaal (Road HouseAmbulance), and Rosamund Pike (SaltburnGone GirlI Care a Lot). In the Grey revolves around two extraction specialists who have to designate a route of escape for a senior female negotiator.

Are you excited about Guy Ritchie’s return to the world of British Aristocracy, or would you prefer he tell stories in a different venue? If you look at his film catalog, you’ll see that Ritchie is fearless in conquering new territory. Plus, who doesn’t like to poke a little fun at the elite? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Variety

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