Arnold Schwarzenegger says he'll be back for the next Terminator sequel

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This news items could be seen as a potential spoiler in a sense, so just in case you didn't think Paramount Pictures would keep Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator franchise for as long as they could, spoiler alert? This summer TERMINATOR: GENISYS will try and get the franchise back on track, and the powers that be were smart enough to get Schwarzenegger to reprise his most famous role. Paramount even set 2017 and 2018 release dates for the untitled Terminator 6 and Terminator 7 sequels. So it’s not a huge surprise to hear from Schwarzenegger that he will be back for this entire new trilogy.

Responding to TheArnoldFans.com when asked whether he’d be filming Terminator 6, Arnold said:

“Yes, of course, next year”

Of course, he could just be a happy camper to be back in the role and might be jumping the gun. These days it’s all dependent upon the box office numbers, and with a budget of $170 million (and then some), this movie has a mountain to climb. So far, the feeling is pretty neutral for the upcoming GENISYS; personally, the trailer did nothing for me and I was left feeling like they were trying too hard to make sense of their own plot ideas. It’s going to be interesting to see if people still care about this franchise and if Schwarzenegger still has what it takes to draw an audience. Still, it’s nice to see him optimistic.

TERMINATOR: GENISYS opens in theaters on July 1, 2015.

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