Atlanta season two will begin shooting this fall

One of the massive surprises to come out of the very shocking year of 2016 was the TV series ATLANTA, starring and created by Donald Glover. The series earned universal acclaim and took home the Golden Globe for Best Television Series (Musical or Comedy) earlier this year. Normally we would expect season two this year, and sadly that’s not the case, but one of the shows stars said you won’t have to wait long for the new season.

While speaking with EW at the Peabody Awards on Saturday actor Brian Tyree Henry (who plays aspiring raper Alfred a.k.a. Paper Boi) revealed the new season will start shooting very soon in time for a 2018 release:

We’re gonna start in September, actually, and we’re going to crank it out.

Though the actor knows when they’ll be shooting the show, he has no idea what will actually be going on with the characters, which is just fine and dandy for him:

We have no idea what’s going to happen, but that’s the excitement of it. That was the best part about the best season: just showing up and seeing like, what the hell is going to happen to these characters on a given day. So, I have no idea and I like it that way, actually.

Henry went on to say how he hopes they “continue to show these characters growing together,” come the second season. The show’s delay could be attributed to Glover’s insane schedule as of late, including starring as Lando Calrissian in the HAN SOLO movie, as Simba in the LION KING remake and working on the Deadpool animated series for FXX.

ATLANTA was one of those happy surprises to come from an overall disappointing year, offering a hilarious, insightful exploration of young black men trying to make it in the hip-hop game. Like Aziz Ansari with MASTER OF NONE, Glover really came into his own with the show, taking on numerous jobs and doing them all flawlessly, his work no doubt contributing to his casting in the aforementioned films. But the whole cast did a great job, and seeing them all back is what I’m most anxious to see. Just don't take too long gang.

You can catch the HAN SOLO movie in May 2018 and ATLANTA will most likely follow that fall.

Source: EW



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