Barton in Wonderland

How many twisted screen versions of ALICE IN WONDERLAND are we going to see before one actually makes it to the big screen? First there was the adaptation of ALICE, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as an Alice who returns to Wonderland years later as a disturbed young woman. Now, Marilyn Manson is apparently working on his cinematic opus PHANTASMAGORIA:THE VISIONS OF LEWIS CARROLL, about the life of the WONDERLAND author. Well, not exactly. IMDb describes the plot as about "an author who lives in a castle is haunted by visions of a girl named Alice."

And now Screen Daily is reporting that Mischa Barton has signed on to star in MALICE IN WONDERLAND, which is being described as a modern twist on the old classic. That “old classic” is one of the greatest stories ever written, so anytime it hits theatres in any form is fine by me. Barton can next be seen in THE ASSASSINATION OF A HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL.

Extra Tidbit: Tilda Swinton is set to star in Manson's film, and I'm guessing his lady friend Evan Rachel Wood will be playing Alice.
Source: Screen Daily



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