Ben Affleck to direct a first-person shooter movie?

Hollywood has long tried to adapt first-person shooter games into movies with limited success. Sure the RESIDENT EVIL franchise is still going strong, but what about DOOM (or HALO, which never made it to the screen)? But now Hollywood is giving it the old college try courtesy of Ben Affleck.

As he preps his next directorial effort ARGO, Affleck is in talks to direct and star in LINE OF SIGHT, a fairly average sounding thriller - an elite commando squad dealing with global threat - that is made all the more ambitious when you realize the plan is to tell the story from the point-of-view of one character, FPS-style.

To give the action film an air of authenticity, the script was written by Peter O'Brien, who last wrote "Halo: Reach" for Microsoft. LINE OF SIGHT is currently set up at Warner Bros. with Joel Silver producing.

There are a number of obstacles to creating a successful FPS movie, including finding a way to connect the audience with the protagonist without them ever seeing his/her face. Also, the action in a FPS is continuous and would require a minimum amount of editing (how can you shoot coverage when the action is only seen from one character's POV?). It's likely these restrictions are what is attracting Affleck, an up-and-coming director, to a Joel Silver project.

What do you think? Can Affleck pull it off?

Source: THR



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