Bit o' Bond talk

Newly licensed 007 Daniel Craig will be slipping on the tux and screwing on the silencer later this year to film his follow-up to the thoroughly satisfying CASINO ROYALE. It's coming to theaters in late 2008, but it doesn't have a title or a story yet... that we know of, at least.

But Craig might not be the best spy after all, since he's been loose-lipping a few tiny details. For example, the next film will apparently (further) establish an opposing "organization" that will require various evil goons to be shot and pummeled. Craig says that his Bond is still on the learning curve and won't be the infallible machine of previous films, and in his second mission he may also be looking for a little revenge for Vesper (which may involve more leaping over rooftops and chucking guys down flights of stairs, and possibly getting his balls slapped).

The next Bond flick, to be directed by Marc Forster (FINDING NEVERLAND), will also reportedly feature the controversial Italian bareback horse race called the Palio. I shall leave the inevitable bareback/Bond girl puns to your own imaginations.
Extra Tidbit: Former 007s Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery have each provided their voice and likeness for Bond videogames. Craig's digitized features are expected to appear in the next tie-in game.
Source: Filmforce



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