Bizarre Alternative Universe Movie Posters

There's a lot of movie posters out there that aren't so great. Actually, many of the fan created movie posters are way better than the ones the so-called "pros" put out.

This is why I think it's a cool idea to give props to the creative poster minds of the fan kind. One reader of the site, Sean Hartter creates these bizarre alternate universe movie posters. Time and space are of no object here. Maybe if Angelina Jolie were old enough in 1971, she could have been a female version of Alex DeLarge. What if Tim Curry played the Joker? Would Tom Selleck have been a shoe-in for Iron Man? Who knows, but Sean apparently wouldn't mind seeing any of these things. If you have the Photoshop, you have the power.

Check out some of his posters below. If you'd like to see more or perhaps even purchase one head here.

Extra Tidbit: Do any of you do some cool fan art?
Source: Hartter



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