Black Panther comic writer Roxane Gay wants to write Batgirl movie

Yesterday a big ball dropped that nerd guru Joss Whedon would be stepping away from DC’s upcoming BATGIRL movie. The director explained the reasoning, saying it was because it couldn’t figure out a story to tell around Barbara Gordon. That’s a legitimate reason, but now another author, Roxane Gay, has come forward and seems more than ready to tell a story about the famous heroine.

The author of “Bad Feminist,” “Hunger,” and a run of Black Panther comics called “Black Panther: World of Wakanda” took to Twitter not long after news about Whedon broke, telling DC to contact her about writing the BATGIRL movie.

Now, surely everyone wants to get in on the superhero game, but what’s more exciting about this is that Michele Wells, a VP over at Warner Bros who just so happens to work on DC projects responded to Gay, and she seems very interested in hearing her out. The fun tweet now seems to be picking up some steam, and may even turn into something serious.

Gay has no screenwriting credits to her name, but she is a popular author who has made the transition into comic book territory to much acclaim. Given her bibliography, I doubt she would approach a Batgirl story in a traditional way, and standing out from the pack is something DC certainly needs to do. Bringing in Gay would certainly be a bold move, and could be key to making an sort of BATGIRL movie standout.

Source: Roxane Gay



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