Blunt goes Greek?

UPDATE - Entertainment Weekly reports that publicists for both Blunt and Universal Pictures have confirmed the news is bullshit. Russell Brand making shit up on a radio interview? Who woulda guessed?!

Well we sadly won't get to see Emily Blunt in IRON MAN 2 (damn you Fox and your contracts!), but we may get to see her instead in an upcoming Judd Apatow comedy. Russell Brand was out and about in Australia promoting something or the other and said that Blunt was in talks to join him in the upcoming FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL spinoff GET HIM TO THE GREEK. As you may have previously heard, GREEK would star Brand as his FSM character Aldous Snow with Jonah Hill as a beleaguered insurance adjuster trying to get the out of control star to the Greek Theater in LA for a show. Blunt would play Snow's love interest, a pop star who's scheduled to duet with the singer at his show. FSM director Nicholas Stoller would direct the film, which is being produced by Apatow. Stoller, who is working on the script, previously described it as a raunchy take on ALMOST FAMOUS. Blunt can be seen later this year in THE WOLFMAN.

Extra Tidbit: Still not sold on Brand's schtick.
Source: Moviehole



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