Bradley Cooper gets serious to star with Ryan Gosling

Like it or not, Bradley Cooper is pretty much an A-list star at this point. He opened a movie that had no business succeeding - LIMITLESS - to $143 million worldwide. And then came THE HANGOVER, PART II, which made Warner Bros. a shitload of cash and will make Cooper a shitload of cash for the inevitable HANGOVER, PART III. He also gets his pick of the litter when it comes to upcoming projects. And he's decided to ditch the comedy game for a bit to try something more serious.

Cooper has signed a deal to co-star with Ryan Gosling in THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES, the follow-up film from BLUE VALENTINE director Derek Cianfrance.

Cooper will play a a cop tracking down a motorcycle rider (Gosling) who turns to bank robberies to support his newborn son (doesn't this sound remarkably similar to DRIVE wherein Gosling plays a car driver who turns to bank robberies?).

The film is being set up and financed independently through Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and Cooper and Gosling will film this summer in Schenectady, New York. (That's a sentence I never thought I'd type...)

Extra Tidbit: Who knew Cooper could speak such fluent French?
Source: Variety



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